Thursday, October 27, 2011

How To : Candy Corn Patchwork Pillow

Autumn is upon us and I am loving it! Today I spent the entire day outside cleaning and organizing my front yard and deck and porch waiting for our outdoor Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. But, before the weather turned amazing I did some serious sewing. One of the things I made was this pillow, from the scraps of the other projects I did believe it or not.

Cute right?! I know! And it was honest to goodness a scrap project. I love those!
If you want to be cool like m and make one for yourself I took pictures in the hopes I would get my bum in gear and make a tutorial. And look! A tutorial! You will have to forgive the first few steps do not have pictures, but it was an 'a ha' moment I had just after I began. I figured we have all cut out pieces and sewn right sides together enough right? If not, please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding the project.

Gather ye materials
Fabric scraps (2) orange
(2) Yellow
(2) White
Pattern (See step 6.5)

Modus Operandi

Step 1. With right sides together sew a white piece to an orange piece.
Step 2. With right sides facing together, sew an orange piece to a yellow piece.
Step 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2
Step 4. Iron seams flat.

Step 5. Top stitch seams. (I like to do this from the bottom but it is your preference.)

Step 6. With right sides together, lay flat on table.
Step 6.5. This is when you will make your pattern. Which is just a triangle made as tall as your scraps will allow  and rounded corners.

Step 7.  Trace your pattern, pin fabric together and sew on top of markings. 

Step 8. Cut out leaving 1/2" allowance notching corners as you go.

Step 9. Turn and press.

Step 10. Fill and close up. I am not known for my ladder stitching so I chose to use some fabric glue and a couple clothes pins. Again this is one of those steps that is up to you.

I think this project would have the biggest impact if multiple pillows were made. Maybe next year I'll add a few more so that my little pillow is not so lonely. For now though it is an adorable bit of seasonal decor that will be welcome in the house until Christmas decorations start popping up.