Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storybook Sunday : Let's Go Outside!

The Great Outdoor Adventure Challenge : Storybook Sunday Edition!

I know that Storybook Sunday (although few and far between) is usually about storybooks, this one is for grown-ups. But for kids too. Well, written to grown-ups for the benefit of children. Sound good? How about sounds great?! This book is wonderful. I cannot sing it's praises enough.

I adored this book and all it had to offer. Wonderful quotes themed for play and nature. Wonderful activities from the simple Kick the Can, (Which by the way is not as simple as I though, I honestly learned how to play kick the can.) to the more complicated Personal backyard feild guide, there is something for all ages and all interests.

As I said before, I do not need a book to tell me how or why I need to go outside to play with Wednesday. We go outside almost every single day weather permitting. But, sometimes it is nice to do something more than watch her climb a jungle gym or walk the boardwalk at the local nature reserve. This book gave me just that. Each activity is enthusiastically described and there is a "Take it Further" feature for each activity. These are like 'extra credit' assignments. Great ideas for older kids, or even the more enlightened younger ones.

This is the second book of the same sort by Jennifer Ward. The first is called 'I Love Dirt: 52 Activities to Helt You and Your Child Discover the Wonder of Nature' I have yet to read it but you can bet it is on my Chapters wishlist! She also has a plethora of story books written with appreciating nature in mind. I have one (Forest Bright, Forest Night) reserved at my local library, the rest will come in time. I am excited though.

I think you could not ask for a better book when you are playing along with Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes Great Outdoor Adventure Challenge. Although we missed out on outing on Friday, we made it out yesterday and today. On Saturday we rolled around in the grass and collected dandelion bouquets for Grandma and today we played hopscotch and went for a nice long walk in a green space ending with a romp on the jungle gym.

To celebrate so many things this month; my 100th post, 55th reader, The Great outdoor Adventure Challenge, the arrival of Spring, etc. etc. and so on and so forth...I am giving away a copy of this book. I love it so much and fee that more people should both read it and go outside more I feel the need to buy one and send it off! So, for sticking with me this far all you need do is leave a comment on this entry. You can Retweet this for a second entry (You must comment telling me so) but if that is too much effort just comment. PLEASE make sure you leave a way for me to contact you either a valid email address in the comment or attached to your profile! Contest closes midnight on the following Sunday, April 18th whereby I will use to choose a number and the winner will be both posted and notified via email the Monday, April 19th after.

MMmm sunshine!

Can you see the yellow glow from the dandelions?

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All you have to do is go outside! And take a picture...but even that is optional.