Friday, October 2, 2009

Zebra Hat

So, I realize the other night that my child is not prepared for winter. But it is not winter yet, you say? Well, it is rear it's ugly head around here. Some more Northern parts of the province received snow just the other day. In a panic I went ot the nearest department store and proceeded to buy her a toque and two pairs of mitts. I got home and nothing fit her properly. Then it donned on me that I have enough fleece kicking around that I could probably wrangle something up.

First Attempt...

Well, this is what I made. I am totally impressed with myself with the exception of how it fits. It does fit, but just. Really she could do with one an inch bigger circumference wise and maybe some wider ear flaps.

I made the cap part from the Sweater hat pattern in Amanda Blake Soule's Handmade Home. But I made the cap long enough to hide the seam of two ear flaps. I braided three pieces of fleece together for the straps. (Which is why Wednesday calls it her Zebra hat.

I added the matching fleece hearts both before and after I sewed the two cap pieces together. I remembered to do the black one first but forgot about the cream coloured heart until after It was sewn together. I had to both sew the cream heart on and then do the triple stitching afterward. I gotta say, I am getting pretty darn good at that sort of thing.

The hat came together from cutting to finish in a matter of maybe two hours. I spent more time looking for a tutorial (never finding exactly what I was looking for) than I did on actual construction.

I have another hat, scarf and mittens cut and pinned and ready to be sewn but the sewing machine needed some tlc and so it was cleaned and oiled and sitting for the night so my fabric doesn't fill with 3in1 oil odours.

Pictures soon!