Thursday, May 24, 2012

Modern Wednesday Has Arrived!

I have been away again. But I have a great excuse! I have been creating, but with a different purpose than usual! *drumroll please*

I have opened a shop! It is technically an online shop called Modern Wednesday but all of my sales have been local (semi) custom orders. So it has been an exciting couple of months. And let me tell you, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a sense of purpose! Would you like to see a couple items from my shop? Awesome!

Pretty snazzy stuff isn't it! Some of it you might even recognize them from old tutorials and pictures. 
There is three times those listings at the shop though. Also, I have galleries set up of my favourite projects that I encourage people to order custom made projects. Remember my very first sewing project ever? The bean bags? Well, someone ordered a set of eight as sensory toys for her son with Autism. Remember Wednesday's felt crown? Well I made the prettiest girly version of it this week for another custom order.

I chose Indiemade to host my website and shop because it was an all inclusive flat rate price that includes hosting, design and a shopping platform. I can have up to 13 galleries with unlimited photos within. I can list up to 100 items in my shop at a time and there is no commission for Indiemade. The biggest selling point for me though was that customers DO NOT NEED an account to shop at my shoppe! I love that. Believe it or not, a lot of people in my life do not shop within Etsy's 'borders'. Some don't even know what 'an Etsy' is.  So I didn't see the point in complicating the process for my local customers all the while giving my customers access to my competition.
That being said, I have an Etsy storefront, I just haven't decided how to divvy up my listings between the two. Suggestions?

I also have a Facebook fan page for those of you that would like to follow for sneak peaks and discounts! I update regularly with 'In The Making' photos as well as 'In The Shoppe' photos.

So there you have it. That is what has been eating up all my spare time. When I am not playing mom and homemaker I am playing maker and shopkeeper. I like my new hat(s). I have not given up on this blog, I swear I just have to find a balance because Storage Geek is still going strong as well. I'm nearly at 30,000 readers! So lots of stuff here, all awesome.