Monday, September 27, 2010

My Crafty Weekend

Monday is here again my fellow crafties! It is on the dreary side but I have too much to do today to get down about the weather. Wednesday and I had fun with some glue and paper this morning, and I would love to get in some sewing during her nap this afternoon. I also have a teeth cleaning this afternoon. Busy busy busy! I was super busy this weekend in the craft department too!

Denim & Pink Pillow PleatsDenim & Pink Pillow

Please ignore the lumpy-less-than-filled look. I had to improvise stuffing the pillow for a photo and used a folded hoodie. My fibre-fill is in storage! (Something I forgot until after the pillow was finished.)
On top of the super cute, super girly accessory set I made for my fourth and final giveaway I made this pillow! It is so cute I almost can't stand it! I made it from recycled denim and a super cute Heather bailey fat quarter I picked up at my local fabric store in the spring. I aodore it. I only wish it was bigger but the denim pieces I had restricted the size of the pillow. That is okay though 12x12" is still good and it being smaller just means room for more cute cushions!
I added a pleated section of the print fabric to the front, I had to sew down the pleats because I just couldn't get them to stay flat but that is okay, I like the finished look. The back side with the stripes just kind of happened. I think it looks super sharp, the dark denim and white background of the print.

So yeah, I have been making up for lost time I guess! Here are some of your fabulous projects!
These pretty little things were made by Michelle of Michelle Made Me. They look like freehand painting but the designs are Mod Podged on. I love it, anyone can do it because she gives you a tutorial here.
Lacy panties to the rescue! Due to an ironing mishap Allie had to come up with something quick to fix and finish this fabulous shirt. Visit her blog to read more about it!

ZOMG! Pom pom acorns! KJ of Let's Go Fly A Kite shared these adorable acorns last week. What I love about them is now we can make our own fuzzy acorns without the need for roving wool. (That is one of must-have-but-still-don't-have items.) For the super cute and super easy how to vist the blog post here.
 And now it is your turn again my fellow makers! What have you been simmering, painting, Mod Podging, stringing and sewing? You know the rule: Visit the link before you and leave some super nice words of encouragement. After that, if you would like to add my awesome buttons to your awesome posts you are of course welcome and encouraged to do so!