Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

Kensington market with Daddy, originally uploaded by Cara.Mia.

This is why you have yet to hear from me this week. We decided to take a trip to the city (Toronto) to visit some family (I have two siblings living there.). We ended up spending as much time IN traffic as we did out but the weather was good and the food even better.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dollies VS Babies

Holy moly! I cannot believe how long it has taken me to post my answer to the fourth and final challenge in the Sew What Sew Along! Between technical difficulties (See memory card replacement) to busy family events (see the baking of 30 mini cheesecakes for our one and only niece's grade eight graduation party) to more technical difficulties (see special camera battery dieing at the eleventh hour) and me going to bed with Wednesday last night, you would never know that I finished this early on in the week last week!

Lovely little over-complicated number don't you think?

The story behind this one? Wednesday loves her little dolls. It started with some sticking stuffers at Christmas and has grown ridiculously out of control with little dolls being given from just about every family member. Actually, you know that is not true, I think it started with the little figures from In The Night Garden and other cartoon shows aquired from Christmases past and a yard sale or two. But, she has since moved on to the dolls. She loves these dolls. LOVES them. They go everywhere with her. Well, these four go everywhere, the bath, the car, bed time etc. The other twenty little and bigger dolls take turns being her second favourite.

I thought I would create a doll carrier that could cary many a doll and their accessories hence the elastic bits and four pockets (two inside and two outside). BUT! I wanted something that could also be a doll sling for that day when Wednesday is finally feeling that materna instinct kick in. I am not sure when that will be seeing how the closest to playing mommy-baby is pushing the baby in the stroller for about two minutes. BUT! Just in case she changes her mind, the carrier converts to a baby doll carrier. 

I know the hanger pieces are not very maternal looking but, we work with what we have here.

On how it is convertable:
  1. Inside becomes a changing pad. (Pocket is a double pocket that can accommodate a dolly cloth nappy.)
  2. Elastic closure stretches to accommodate folding top. (See below.)
  3. Top folds down inside to make room for dolly head.
  4. Fabric connecting front and back in small enough to fit between dolly legs.

Two action shots and a shot of safety goggle cuteness.

The gorgeous pink fabric was purchased at my local sewing shop a few weeks ago with plans to make this top by the Sewing Dork. I am still going to make that top but the shades of pink looked so good with the denim I couldn't resist. Speaking of the Sewing Dork, she made the most beautifully simple answer to this challenge. I am envious of her thought process sometimes (and skills). But in a good way. Click on the button below to be taken to see her masterpiece. 

Thank you so much for sewing along with us! It has been wonderful to see what everyone creates. We know that people get busy, and technical difficulties arise so I am going to wait the week to see if any more reader submissions come in and then I'll do a post showing them off. I believe Cynthia is planning on a flickr favourite editions as well which I may have to copy depending on how our favourites differ (if at all!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase!

Happy Friday mes amis! I am still on a high from yesterday's awesomeness (It got even better with a surprise visit from my little brother who lives in the big city. We had dinner on a patio and Wednesday behaved herself and it was just so nice!) So yes, good times here in the House of Sweets.

I finished my "Carry It" challenge a couple days ago but my memory card for my camera decided working was for losers and proceded to walk off the job without two weeks notice. Instead of replacing it, i am going to try and squeeze a couple weeks out of my back up camera and then we will buy another new camera. Because mama can't blog about her child and sewing without a camera ya'll.

That being said, we have had some submissions for some previous challenges coming in and I thought today would be the perfect day to show them off!

First off, three submissions for the reverse applique filled form challenge! (I was so worried no one liked the reverse applique part of the challenge!)

This is a lovely (I mean lovely) layered reverse applique submission from MaeKellan. The description was missing but since it is on the floor next to a door I am going to go out on a limb and say it is a doorstop! I really like it, the shape is wonderful and that punch of colour with the stripes at the center makes me happy. (I have learned over the years I am a sucker for stripes.)

Like a good little overachiever, MaeKellan submitted this beautiful little blue number as well. Again, the description was missing but I think it is safe to assume it as a hot pad and coaster combo. I LOVE the hot pad take on it (and the hot pad itself). Such a lovely example of patchwork and reverse applique.

This clever little number is from MamaTave. Remember when I said that pocket pillows were genius? I wasn't kidding. I love this pillow and she gets extra points for it holding a [Mercer Mayer] book and not a remote! Lovely work, and how comfy does it look?

Thank you so much ladies for these sewing along, your work is just wonderful to both look at and share! Being late is okay, and I remember saying that with father's Day coming up I expected late submissions. As long as you sew them, we will post them! Even the older ones like the skirt challenge or the bag with words! It is all good!  If you have any questions about the Carry It challenge for this week you can refer to this post or email Cynthia or myself and we will answer any questions you may have.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Would Like To Thank The Academy...


Remember this little number? Well, it won me best straight skirt in a little contest called Skirt Week hosted by a little blog called Crafterhours. (By the way, when I say little contest and little blog I really mean big and awesome!)

I tell you, this totally made up for not even an honorable mention in the Spring Top Week contest. Which by the way, I totally wear that strapless top whenever I can as it is just as comfy as it is pretty it also goes perfectly with a pair of brown and white plaid shorts I refashioned. So it still worked out because it lit a fire under my bum to make it.

Back to the skirt though, I thought this would be a good time to mention that I have worn the skirt to two family functions and on top of getting very nice comments on it, my sister has asked me to refashion her up one themed with argyle. (How fun does that sound?) But! I wanted to say that the skirt has made it through two machine washings and still looks fabulous.

I can't wait to claim my prizes! So much awesome stuff!
Best Straight Skirt:
Mod Podge for Fabric, Simply Screen kit + Iron-ons from Mod Podge Rocks
1 yard custom twill tape from
1 roll twill tape from
Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie, Can-Can Skirt Patterns from MADE (Seriously, I have been coveting that Can-Can skirt for a couple months now!)
$20 Gift Certificate from Above All Fabric
$25 Gift Certificate from the Heather Bailey Store

This is just the coolest thing ever! I think I have told The Mister about, ten times today!

Alrighty, back to real life, (which by the way, brought me a pick up bed full of canning jars  + two old trunks to hold some in for free AND a surprise visit from my brother!)I hope your day is going uber awesome too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

 One very proud father and one very happy daughter.

We have created our own tradition for Fathers day as a family and for me I think it is beginning to rival Christmas. I mean the weather is nicer and there is no emptying of the pockets for gifts so we can invite as many people as we want! What we do is get Ron's family, my family and any super close friends together for a BBQ at a local park area. This was our third year having the BBQ and we had it at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. The weather was cool and windy but sunny and warm at the sawe time. Above conversation and laughter we heard the waves crashing on the shore of the shoal beach. So.very.awesome. At first it was just the easiest way to say happy fathers day to the newest dad in my life (Ron) and both of our dads as well as Ron's bother who has been a dad for a few years. It just seemed like such a good idea we kept going last year and then again this year and will definitely be doing it every year after this that weather permits.
I hope your weekend was as full of smiles and sunshine as ours!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase and Challenge Number Four (And Final Week)

The only submission I have to show off for the pillow/reverse applique challenge is my partner in crime Cynthia The Sewing Dork.

Her submissions for the challenge are nothing short of adorable. I do enjoy the owl on the first pillow. And although she lost me at the blue jersey ruffle, I do enjoy the frayed flower center and she is bang on with her colour combos yes?!

But, through the Sewing Dork Flickr pool I have a couple reader submissions from weeks one and two made by Maekellan.

First up is an adorable skirt, made from a pillowcase. I Love a cute re-use don't you?

The second is a pair of shopping bags for the bag with words challenge. The front shopping bag says "Every Bag Counts" and it is so very true! Awesome stuff. Thank you MaeKellan for sewing along with us!

I hope it wasn't the suggestion of reverse applique that affected your choices to participate. I actually had a couple emails from participants who were excited about the challenge so I assumed it was an o-k challenge?

Well, if that was the case I have good news! This weeks challenge is technique-free! It was like we were reading each other's mind when we concocted this challenge. It should be interesting to see what we come up with, having the exact same but not exact same idea. (Did ya catch that?) That is why I love this Sew Along so much! And, I think Cynthia put it best over at her blog The Sewing Dork, so I am going to copy and paste it here as well.

Carry It.
1. Use your chosen fabric and all the zippers/button/straps you need.
2. Make any kind of carrying device... for your camera, your lunch, your shoes, your children - you name it!
3. Once your project is complete, either email it to [Cynthia] or I, or upload it to my Flickr showcase. Once we have a few photos, we'll show them off on our blogs. [Cynthia] and I will post our finished projects this coming weekend.
4. Be creative, and have fun!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Rockin' Robin 'Cause You're Really Gonna Rock Tonight!

Here is my answer to the stuffed form + reverse applique challenge. I would like to go on record to say this was not my initial idea. I even got as far as sewing and turning my original idea but when it came time to stuff it, it wasn't working for me. I'll fix it up and turn it into a door stop (it was initially supposed to be one of two bookends!) not so much a craft fail, but not a craft A+ by any means.

Pin cushion with pins

So, after I was mid week on this challenge and scrapping my initial attempt I was almost panicking. I thought no biggie I can create one of the gorgeous pillows I posted about recently. Alas, not one of those beautiful cushions had a reverse applique detail. Well crap. What now? And while I was in the elevator, bringing up my laundry it hit me! A pin cushion. With a bird silhouette! And I set to work finding just the right silhouette. Then I found the perfect fabric to back it! (That yellow vintage bed sheet shows up at the most opportune times!) I will admit, I did have trouble with the yellow sides. I am going to have to look up some tutorials on box cushions. Mine is good, but it could be better you know? But, that is it and I really like it.

Coasters? Crap. That was my idea too wasn't it? But, I had been bit by the bird silhouette bug and these came together in about an hour. I know that because I was literally sewing the last stitches on the last coaster when Wednesday woke from her nap.

Denim Coaster Collage

I found the three birdie images @ The Paper Seed through a Google search for bird silhouette clip art. But needing a fourth image I searched for like, another twenty minutes for just the right one finally settling on the kiwi bird! I love it, I think it is a most whimsical addition to the group.

I had a time trying to figure out what I wanted to back them with being blue denim it was tricky finding some super fab contrasting fabric. But, lo and behold I found a couple fat quarters at the bottom of my stash that I had nearly forgotten about! Remember the bean bags I made last summer? Funnily enough they were also a reverse applique project (My first ever!)and I used three out of the four fat quarters I bought. Turned out wonderfully though. I did not create a case for them because well, cases are tedious and if I have one hand on a drink, than I haven't two for coaster removal now do I?

So there you have it. Week three done. Are you having as much fun as I am? Seriously, this is awesome. Do you have proof of your fun? Ready to submit your filled form/coaster challenge? You can do so three ways. You can email them to myself or The Sewing Dork thorough our blogs (I have a button in my sidebar.)-or- you can leave a comment with a link to your blog post about it -or- you can upload your photos to the Sewing Dork Flickr Pool. Just an FYI, this seems to be the favourite way to share submissions, since everyone (readers and participants) can browse through your projects.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday (Or Thursday)

Eating our first roasted corn on the cob of the season. Notice the veggie dog...she eats them bun first then she will walk around munching on the dog. I`m okay with that as long as she is eating!

I know I am late on this one but I was waiting for the camera to make it`s appearance, but alas it is still MIA. Which makes it really hard to post photos of sewing projects I tell you what. Thankfully, I remembered that we had some great photos of Wednesday from this weekend past. Unfortunately our back up camera decided that working shutters were for losers and so now I have no camera at all.  Hopefully that changes by tomorrow because I am done this weeks Sew What challenge!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denim Pillow : An Inspiration Post!

It is naptime here and I thought I might share with you some ideas I have found whilst perusing searches for "denim pillow" and "recycled denim pillow". While I did find alot of traditional quilted style I still managed to find quite a few fresh ideas. Unfortunately I already have my Sew What challenge mapped out. Not even close to being assembled, let alone finished but I finally have all of the materials. So this search was more for your inspiration and my curiosity. I am determined to show recycled denim in a chic way!

Denim Pillows

1. This comes from Found in the Valentine crafts section. I really like the idea of using jeans pockets for holding remotes. I think pillow pockets for remotes are genius to begin with, so this is a double wammy.
2. This scrappy/strappy beauty is made by Blink on my Nose of I love it. and will most likely be recreating one for myself in the near future.
3. Dog cushions by Olive but, they would also work as floor cushions for people. With their boxy construction they would stack so nicely out of the way.
4. How awesome is that Octopus pillow from I have never worked with freezer paper stencils but this pillow puts it on my to-do list!
5. Loving the yellow ruffle detail on this pillow made by Uniform Natural.
6. Sneezerville gives a great tutorial for this lovely recycled denim/fabric covered bolster/lumbar cushion.
7. I really like the colours in this denim/Amy Butler fabric patchwork pillow made by Crafty Kat.
8. And who could resist this sculptural piece of repurposed denim and suede made by Jungle Mama.
9. I think this is an absolutely gorgeous example of both repurposing and quilting/patchwork. Made by Julie Floersch  She also makes beautiful pieces to wear I urge you to view her other recycled denim pieces.
10. I really enjoy this tone on tone "permanent print made with a hand-cut spraypaint stencil on hand sewn & stuffed recycled fabric from a design by Leavitt" from Intuition Kitchen Productions.
11. How cute is this mushroom cushion from Library Street. She (Nicole Wilson) also has an etsy shop, but it is down for technical repairs. I think this would be fairly easy to reproduce with any image, how about exploring an Alice image by Sir John Tenniel?
12. Hoo has fallen out of love with owls? I don't think many have. And this adorable denim cushion made by the artists of The Cozy Loft is super cute!
13. I adore this Peace Out pillow. I am not sure who it is by, but it used to be available through Crate & Barrel but unfortunately it cannot be found there anymore. So, I guess we'll just have to make our own!
14. How hot is this recycled denim ottoman? So hot. It is made by a Japanese company and you can view images of the recycling/production process via GelBlog. So awesome. I totally want one, I think I am going to scout some super dark denim just for this purpose.
15. I found these pillows on Martha Stewart's website. Although I am pretty sure the blue pillow just looks like denim, the technique is still applicable. You just cut a non fraying fabric (They used ultrasuede) into flower shapes and then attach them to the pillow. easy peazy lemon squeezy!
16. Last but not least there is always the bean bag chair. I am really considering this one as a stuffy storage option for the little one. The one pictured is from

Whew! That was a bit of work. But worth it, I am feeling sooooo inspired! I hope you are too! See you tomorrow for Wednesday on Wednesday!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Sew What! Bag with Words Reader Showcase!

Good afternoon folks. Thanks to some early bird entries I can do up a reader showcase post for the bag With Words challenge. And since Wednesday and I have both come down with a mild but super annoying cold I thought I would blog while she watches a movie giving me more time to rest and sew in between bouts of cloudy headed sinus troubles. Okay, enough about snot and more about your bags! We have some great submissions so far. Also, after the photos are some ideas for this weeks challenge. I should have had mine done weeks ago but let us hope I do my best work under pressure.

My ever so talented partner in crime The Sewing Dork made this beautiful satchel with the words " Random Acts of Kindness' on the outside and "senseless beauty" on the inside.

She also sewed up this gorgeous clutch. The pattern on the inside fabric is a journal print, how very pretty and clever! (Much like Cynthia non?)

AND this book bag for a close and dear friend. Although technically not for the Sew Along it still fits in with the challenge. She should get a medal!

Next we have a lovely little crochet hook bag made by Mandi C of Common Threads. Her chosen fabric I believe is repurposed/stash busting fabrics. And the vintage pillowcase she used for the outside is adorable! Love the practicality of this bag as well!

Jessi C of Common Threads as well is joining us for the Sew along, her chosen fabric is men's dress shirts. I love that idea and I think I might have to put it in the vault for a later sew along! Ahem, but Jessi's submission is a lovely purse complete with an inside pocket made from a dress shirt pocket.The word on this bag is a little hard to spot but the button says "I Love You".

Angela Pea of Keeping the Faith submitted this adorable pinny (Short form of clothespin apron). Her chosen fabric is stash busting cottons. I really like both the practicality of the project but also how she bent the meaning 'bag' to suit her needs. Fabulous.

Fir those of you that missed the week three description you can find it at the top of my blog space under the menu buttons. For those of you that know it but are not sure how to put it into action I thought I would share some ideas that I had...
  • Pillow
  • Doorstop
  • Bookends
  • Pattern weights
  • Lap desk
For those of you that are not sure what reverse applique as a technique is (or have ever done it)here is a tutorial I have for a felt crown that incorporates it.

Hope that helps get yoru creative juices going! Please keep submitting your projects this has been so much fun!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase pt2 + Week Three Challenge

Here are three more fabulous skirts from participants in the Sew What! Sew Along. I have not received any bag with word entries save cynthias but you still have lots of time and as you can tell by these entries that the due dates are relative. No pressure just fun here.

This one is a fantastic circle skirt made by Donna of Comin' Home for a super groovy time of square dancing. It even comes with a tutorial on how to make on out of a bed sheet. (Donna's chosen fabric was cotton scraps and although this is a big scrap it qualifies as stash busting which I think was part of the choice.

This hot little number was made by Angela of Keeping the Faith. She used a Threadbanger tutorial to make this skirt out of an old pair of jeans for her daughter. *Sigh* I remember when I could wear skirts like this...Great job though, I think this looks as store bought as a recycled denim skirt can get.

This adorable little number was made by Jaimie of Two Chicks and a Hen. Her chosen fabric was recycled knits I think this skirt is a fabulous example. Two t-shirts were used int he making of this little skirt and I am inspired to make Wednesday a couple super comfy play skirts.

Okay and now what you have been waiting so patiently for. Week Three challenge! So there are a couple things to it so I'll break it down in point form for easier reference.

Challenge 3a) You must use your chosen fabric, the recycled denim skirt was a fun first project but if you don't want to work with denim you need just choose another fabric (If you haven't already for the bag with words challenge.)
3b) This item is a home decor item. It will be a pillow/door stop kind of form. You get to choose how you interpret that and how and with what it will be filled.
3c) You can use one other fabric that is not your chosen fabric.
3d) To use this second fabric you must (if at all possible) use the technique called reverse applique.
3e) For extra credit, try to squeeze in some coasters!
3f) Submissions are due by Sunday the  20th, but I realize Father's Day is upon us so if you need an extension we can do that! To do this you can leave a link to your post in a comment on mine or Cynthia's blog. You can email it to one or both of us. You can upload it to the Sewing Dork Showcase Flickr group. Everyone is welcome to upload their photos regardless how else you share them. We love to look through them.
Well ladies, it is getting late here and I really want some ice cream celery. Happy Sewing~!

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Peace Man" said the Hippie to the Fuzz

Here it is, my answer to the second challenge in the Sew What! Sew Along. The challenge was a bag/tote/purse/clutch made out of you chosen fabric that incorporates at least one word. (I'll give you one guess who's idea that was!) So, I made this denim clutch with both the word peace and the symbol for peace.

Denim Clutch

The denim came from the same pair of jeans that I used to make this skirt (coincidentally enough for a post at The Sewing Dork's blog). The inside of the clutch is from a thrifted pair of pajama pants. The decals are Tulip brand heat set.

This was my first clutch ever (I made this way before the wristlet of last weeks challenge) so I didn't want to complicate it with things like closures and zippers. To remedy that, I made it long enough that when it folded over nothing should fall out. :)

It is adorable, and I am just so happy with how it turned out that you can believe I will be making a few more. Tutorial to come next week some time when I make another for hubby's niece.

OKay so, that is it form me on this one. I thought I might be able to squeeze out one more answer to the challenge but as it turns out I will not be anywhere near my sewing machine this weekend. But, I am hoping that on Tuesday (or so) I will have a tutorial for a Father's day gift (that does go well with this challenge.)

Tune in on Sunday to find out what the challenge will be for week three. Don't forget to submit your bags from this week's challenge to myself or Cynthia via the Flickr group, a link to your post if you have a blog or through email. Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun Bunting Giveaway @ Common Threads!

It is a celebration! Not here (Mind you I could use a drink!) But over at Common Threads they are celebrating. What are they celebrating? And more importantly how are they celebrating? You ask. I shall tell you!

Recently they set up their very first booth (ever) at Birthfest and it was such a success they just had to come home and give stuff away. (That is my kind of party, well that and the drinking kind!)

Because, what is more celebratory than bunting (except margaritas maybe) they are offering a chance at a custom made bunting just for you!

Follow this link to their post about the giveaway to follow directions to have yourself added to the draw.

If you need some inspiration for where to hang a bunting, or why to have one you could go here or here to check out some great ideas.

Now, who is this Common Threads you ask? They are a couple of local (to me) gals named Mandi, Jessi and Cassie who create wonderful things that they sell at [now]local events and through their Etsy shop Common Threads. In their shop is some adorable amigurumi dolls (I hearted a few of those already), and some cute baby clothing and accessories.

*Author's Note* For all the mentioning I did of alcoholic beverages, I rarely am able to partake in their imbibing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today the sun is shining and the air is cool but alas I am tied to my house with typing (I am hubby's secretary) and laundry (I am hubby's laundress) but I may get out for a stroll with my wee angel so I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

My partner in crime Cynthia's answer to the challenge. How clever (and awesome) is that tree applique?

Deci of The Rick rack Shack's lovely number using recycled denim. Isn't the embroidery detail from a pant leg great as the centre piece?

Steph of Mon Petite Poppet made this adorable ruffled number for her Petite Poppet. Sew cute!

Erin of Luck & Bliss used her chosen fabric for the month (Knit cotton) to make this uber twirly skirt for her Flamenco classes. I love the photo and the thought of kickin' up my heels in this number!

Thank you so much for sewing along with us! It has been so much fun! Remember it is never to late to join in the fun, you can even make the skirt from last week if you like. This is about inspiration and fun! And speaking of, here is this weeks challenge in case you missed it at the top of my blog space or over at The Sewing Dork's posts.

The next challenge is a bag/clutch/purse with words. Any kind of words. Use your chosen fabric, some words and a healthy dose of imagination. Once you're done, add your photos to the Flickr group  to show the world.