Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bean Bag Fun


This is Wednesday loving her bean bags. She said "I love them." And so I asked her to show me so I could take a picture.

Months and months ago I came across this tutorial @ Whimsy Love through my Craftzine RSS feed @ Livejournal for bean bags. Wednesday was a wee babe but I thought they were super cute and super easy and so I bookmarked them for later making.

Recently I rediscovered Whimsy's blog and stumbled upon the tutorial again. I thought, what a great way to teach Wednesday something! At first I was going to make letter cut outs for the alphabet but that was a little bit overzealous even for me. So I thought, "Hey! Why not use the bean bags to teach Wednesday her colours and shapes?!" And an idea was born. (An idea that is working I might add. Mind you, Wednesday already knows her shapes really well.)

Being the always-wanting-what-I-do-not-have kind of gal, the project that started out with on-hand supplies quickly turned into a thirty dollar gig thanks to the needs for some really pretty fat quarters (for the cut outs) and purple fleece (I couldn't find purple felt at the store I was at.)but, it was worth it because they turned out sew pretty! And using popping corn was really quite brilliant. Super eco friendly, and I think it gives the perfect texture, sound and weight that makes bean bags super fun for little ones.

EDIT: The thing is, I have been sewing on some level since I was but a child (I think I learned how to sew by hand age six or seven.) but I haven' really done much of anything save a random project now and again in almost ten years. So, recently the few projects I have attempted have been going very well. I think I might be a better seamstress now than I was then. Due mostly to patience (more now) than before. This project was perfect for practice and confidence.

I had initially thought I was giving a set to an undecided toddler (a cousin, Sidney etc.) but they turned out so vibrant and so pretty that I don't want to share any more. Shucks.

Bean Bag Rainbow




Unknown said...

Wow...they are lovely! Such bright colours x

Melissa said...

Thank you! It's funny, at first I was kind of bummed that my felt was not in any hip and tertiary colours but after it is all said and done these are exactly what I wanted them to be. :)

Jennifer Howard said...

I've tried to leave a message several times....I hope this time works.
Okay, 1st) Your daughter is such a cutie pie (I know you already know this)she is so adorable.
2nd) I LOVE these, you are inspiring me to get out my sewing machine!!
Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

I have heard before comments can be a hassle, I must fix that..somehow?

Thank you very much, she is adorable and sometime it even takes me aback but moms always think their little ones are gorgeous right?

I cannot stress how easy and fun these were to make. Wednesday plays with them on some level every day which makesme happy. She loves the shapes in the middle.

Thanks for stopping by!

Donna said...

Melissa...I hate to admit that I'm jealous..but wow! You have the absolutely best ideas!! I wanted to make some beanbags for Lena and these are perfect!

Thanks! PS. By the way, I'm having a drawing tomorrow for my followers..and your name is in the pot! By the way, I accidentally came across the craziest idea about using magnet alphabet letters. They were intended for my granddaughter...but my teenagers got a hold of them. It was so so funny what happened next!

I just LOVE your art and your sewing. I plan to mention your picture blocks this next week.

See ya!

Donna said...

ps. sorry about the redundancy--it's way past my bedtime. :o)