Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reader Question : DIY Ring Storage & Display

ally74 asked you:
hello: i am a new follower and i really love a lot of ur ideas, i was wondering if u have any for storing rings! i have over 100 rings and i love to wear a different one every day most of them are chunky rings, do u have any idea's?
Thanks for following and thanks for the great question!
This one was a little bit trickier than when I did a post on chunky necklace storage. There are far fewer posts on ring storage, and even less DIY ring storage posts but I did find a couple absolutely awesome ones!
Easy peasy and super practical (Not to mention eco friendly) is this egg carton displays from Whimsy Love. Not only to they display each ring perfectly but thy make great storage for your home (Label each carton with fat markers) or craft show booth. Bonus: Dust Free. Found via Etsy Handmade MN
These are black BEANS! I know super clever right? While they might be more practical for a craft show booth, it is a totally viable, practical and green solution for a dressing room table or dresser top. Photo belongs to Lean Dog Pottery & Jewelry and was found via Etsy Handmade MN
I think this is my favourite. Completely customizable in size (Most craft stores sell two three different sizes) and in finish (Have at 'er with Mod Podge and paint!) it hangs on the wall or sits on a dressing room table/dresser. C'est tres bon oui? Source: Punky Style
This super adorable cigar box holder was made by Stef with an old sweater folded accordion style. You needn't use a cigar box, you can use whatever sort of box you have laying around. Bonus: Dust Free. Full how to here @ Craftside.
Take a trip to your local dish washing aisle and you have some pretty adorable ring holders. While this is not practical for those of you with dozens of rings (Lucky ladies!) this is great for those of us with much more modest collections. Visit the how to here at Dana's Fashion Blog.
Some of you may recognize this photo from Tumblr user Legally Crafty (She has some great DIYs). A simple chocolate box turned ring storage is very eco chic (And I bet it smells divine every time you open it!). Bonus: Dust Free.
Last but not least we have the clear pocket hanging organizer. While not super fun in a crafty recycling sort of way it is super efficient storage. For those of use with next to no storage space, slim solutions like these are both dust free and see through making it a very practical choice.
And that concludes our lesson for today class! I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for the super duper question! As always, I love to answer them (Even though they might take me awhile.) So keep them coming! Cheers,M.