Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denim Pillow : An Inspiration Post!

It is naptime here and I thought I might share with you some ideas I have found whilst perusing searches for "denim pillow" and "recycled denim pillow". While I did find alot of traditional quilted style I still managed to find quite a few fresh ideas. Unfortunately I already have my Sew What challenge mapped out. Not even close to being assembled, let alone finished but I finally have all of the materials. So this search was more for your inspiration and my curiosity. I am determined to show recycled denim in a chic way!

Denim Pillows

1. This comes from Goodhousekeeping.com. Found in the Valentine crafts section. I really like the idea of using jeans pockets for holding remotes. I think pillow pockets for remotes are genius to begin with, so this is a double wammy.
2. This scrappy/strappy beauty is made by Blink on my Nose of Etsy.com. I love it. and will most likely be recreating one for myself in the near future.
3. Dog cushions by Olive but, they would also work as floor cushions for people. With their boxy construction they would stack so nicely out of the way.
4. How awesome is that Octopus pillow from Burkedecor.com? I have never worked with freezer paper stencils but this pillow puts it on my to-do list!
5. Loving the yellow ruffle detail on this pillow made by Uniform Natural.
6. Sneezerville gives a great tutorial for this lovely recycled denim/fabric covered bolster/lumbar cushion.
7. I really like the colours in this denim/Amy Butler fabric patchwork pillow made by Crafty Kat.
8. And who could resist this sculptural piece of repurposed denim and suede made by Jungle Mama.
9. I think this is an absolutely gorgeous example of both repurposing and quilting/patchwork. Made by Julie Floersch  She also makes beautiful pieces to wear I urge you to view her other recycled denim pieces.
10. I really enjoy this tone on tone "permanent print made with a hand-cut spraypaint stencil on hand sewn & stuffed recycled fabric from a design by Leavitt" from Intuition Kitchen Productions.
11. How cute is this mushroom cushion from Library Street. She (Nicole Wilson) also has an etsy shop, but it is down for technical repairs. I think this would be fairly easy to reproduce with any image, how about exploring an Alice image by Sir John Tenniel?
12. Hoo has fallen out of love with owls? I don't think many have. And this adorable denim cushion made by the artists of The Cozy Loft is super cute!
13. I adore this Peace Out pillow. I am not sure who it is by, but it used to be available through Crate & Barrel but unfortunately it cannot be found there anymore. So, I guess we'll just have to make our own!
14. How hot is this recycled denim ottoman? So hot. It is made by a Japanese company and you can view images of the recycling/production process via GelBlog. So awesome. I totally want one, I think I am going to scout some super dark denim just for this purpose.
15. I found these pillows on Martha Stewart's website. Although I am pretty sure the blue pillow just looks like denim, the technique is still applicable. You just cut a non fraying fabric (They used ultrasuede) into flower shapes and then attach them to the pillow. easy peazy lemon squeezy!
16. Last but not least there is always the bean bag chair. I am really considering this one as a stuffy storage option for the little one. The one pictured is from akupunktura.ro.

Whew! That was a bit of work. But worth it, I am feeling sooooo inspired! I hope you are too! See you tomorrow for Wednesday on Wednesday!