Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday : Video Edition

I don't share many videos for a few different reasons but mostly because I don't take a lot of videos. I like pictures, and sometimes I forget the magic of video. You know, when it is a year or more down the road and so much has changed, what a smile a simple 30 second video can bring.

When Wednesday was a year and half we signed her up for Kindermusik classes. that was some of the best money we ever spent. It was a little expensive for us but worth every penny. We still listen to the cds that came with enrollment and Wednesday still does the actions. I uploaded some of the Kindermusik Fiddle Dee Dee songs to her little ghetto blaster and she often turns it on and starts to dance. This video is from last week. She had barely been up from her nap and was still in just her tighty whities and socks when she was dancing up a storm. I had the great idea to take some videos of her and now I am sharing one with you.

p.s. For those of you wondering why my little girl wears tighty whities it is because they are darn near wedgie proof. When we first started potty learning Wednesday her little bum just didn't fit into little girls panties worth a snot and it bothered me to see them constantly riding up. With little boys briefs the problem was solved instantly. She is bigger now and fits into girls panties much better but as long as the briefs fit, she'll wear them too.