Sunday, October 11, 2009

So glad to see these finished!

What do you get when you add 240 buttons, 20 pieces of felt and a billion stitches? You get dominoes!


These took me what seemed like forever! In truth I worked on sewing the buttons on and off for a month and spent two hours sewing, stuffing and trimming today. The buttons took me so long because my neck would be sore after just a couple of dominoes so I tried to keep them to a couple times a week. It was great work for keeping my hands busy whilst watching television though. But I don't think I will ever do these again, nor would I think of doing them for selling because of the sheer length of time it takes to sew 240 buttons.

An online friend of mine sent me the felt for the cost of shipping. This plus yards of other stuff I can't wait to do more things with it! The idea came because Wednesday is starting to actually count things, not just recite her numbers. She also loves buttons (she has her own bucket of buttons for sorting and counting etc.). I thought thsi was the perfect way to combine all those things.

Each button is sewed and sewed and sewed again so that none come in mouths or hands. Each domino is stuffed with a batting made from corn and each stitch is triple stitched for both looks and function.

Love these so much. I can't wait to play them with Wednesday.