Saturday, August 29, 2009

Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule

Over the last few weeks I have really taken an interest in the blogoshpere. Particularly the mama-come-crafter bloggers. And most recently I stumbled upon Amanda Blake Soule also known as Soulemama. And also most recently, I purchased her newest book Handmade Home.

I ordered it (from my Chapters wish list) and received it yesterday. I had a package slip in my mailbox that could also have been for some bamboo velour that I recently ordered but I was wishing for this book. I got my wish!

What a wonderful book so far. The projects are both practical and beautiful and easily manipulated to suit your needs and/or tastes. They include both cloth diapers (prefolds) and cloth pads (mama cloth). I was so happy to see the mama cloth included especially since her blog is so well read by so many. She stresses the use of reclaimed fabrics and vintage materials. She also explains how thrifting is both pratical and fun. A woman after my own heart.

I have a project in mind for this week, but if I get to it and complete it soon enough expect at least one post in September to be made from the pages of this wonderfully photographed and loveingly written book. Also, I will be purchaseing her first book The Creative Family as soon as my budget allows.

Happy reading!