Friday, June 11, 2010

"Peace Man" said the Hippie to the Fuzz

Here it is, my answer to the second challenge in the Sew What! Sew Along. The challenge was a bag/tote/purse/clutch made out of you chosen fabric that incorporates at least one word. (I'll give you one guess who's idea that was!) So, I made this denim clutch with both the word peace and the symbol for peace.

Denim Clutch

The denim came from the same pair of jeans that I used to make this skirt (coincidentally enough for a post at The Sewing Dork's blog). The inside of the clutch is from a thrifted pair of pajama pants. The decals are Tulip brand heat set.

This was my first clutch ever (I made this way before the wristlet of last weeks challenge) so I didn't want to complicate it with things like closures and zippers. To remedy that, I made it long enough that when it folded over nothing should fall out. :)

It is adorable, and I am just so happy with how it turned out that you can believe I will be making a few more. Tutorial to come next week some time when I make another for hubby's niece.

OKay so, that is it form me on this one. I thought I might be able to squeeze out one more answer to the challenge but as it turns out I will not be anywhere near my sewing machine this weekend. But, I am hoping that on Tuesday (or so) I will have a tutorial for a Father's day gift (that does go well with this challenge.)

Tune in on Sunday to find out what the challenge will be for week three. Don't forget to submit your bags from this week's challenge to myself or Cynthia via the Flickr group, a link to your post if you have a blog or through email. Happy Sewing!