Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scrapbooking Sunday : A New Link Party!

Green Christmas

Recently I have discovered that I love digital scrapbooking. I know, duh right? But as much as I have been playing with elements o digital scrapbooking with things like Wednesday's birthday invitations and blog headers and buttons I have never really scrapbooked with it. As in make photo layouts. Well, I have begun to scarp every morning with my coffee. It seems to be my best time creatively as I am freshly alert with my coffee and my head is not yet clouded with elements of the day.
It started less than two weeks ago with a Christmas card. Then it was the first snowfall layout you saw a couple Wednesday on Wednesdays ago. I have since created a half dozen photo layouts and I am just itching to show them to you.
I already have a couple favourites but really, I am just pleased as punch with my progress. I thought maybe I would start a link party. Scrapbooking Sundays or digital, paper and card making.
I am hoping that with enough momentum and success that maybe we can have some sponsored challenges in the new year!
Drama Queen-001
My New Favourite.
Today's creation.
Sweety at Christmas
Our Springer named Sweety under the tree.

I have to partially thank Mymemories for the new found addiction. At first when they gave me a copy for review and giveaway I was thinking "OK, I have Photoshop so why would I use it? But whatever, I'll give a copy away." Well, after the initial getting used to a program that was not Photoshop I was sold. It really is a stellar program and for $30.00 (with coupon code on my sidebar) you cannot go wrong. Honest. And before you think I am just trying to sell you something that I get for free let me tell you that I have bought more than my share of digital design packs. BUT here is the best part, after your initial purchase, you not only get credits for ten dollars worth of design packs but there are five pages worth of free kits. The kit I used to make last week's Wednesday on Wednesday was totally free. The elements I used for my last two pages were all free, sourced from around the web over the last two years. Just some food for thought. I do still use Photoshop for things, but I use Mymemories every morning for layouts.

And now it is your turn! What have you been working on? Do you love digital scrapbooking? Are you more traditional with paper and glue? Do you make cards? Or design blog headers and buttons? Show me! Show us! Just link us to your blog POST or Flickr Photo(set) and each week I will Share the two links with the most clicks.