Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Crafty Weekend

Happy Monday! There has been much going on here; much organizing, much photoshopping and much scratching ideas into my notebook. I finally have some teaser photos of my craft/sewing area. For your viewing pleasure I present to you a small series of colour.
fat quarter shelf
This is my vintage pillowcase and fat quarter shelf. (Although there are a couple pairs of fabulously printed pajama pants tucked in there as well.)
ribbon shelf
Since my first love was scrapbooking, and my new love is sewing, I have amassed a fabulously huge ribbon collection as this is but a sample.
spool drawer
I have since moved my spools to yet another drawer so that I could fit the black, white and neutral threads as well but isn't the colour wonderful?

And I think most of you either know about or have noticed the new blog changes. Complete with newly made painkalicious buttons! As with my first buttons, the old ones will continue to be hosted so don't worry about little image error messages on your sidebars and posts. But for those of you who enjoy the new look please feel free to replace the old buttons.

Two absolutely fabulous links from last week have the same punches of red but are for two completely different holidays.

This stunning bit of red awesomeness was made by Steph of Silly Precious Piggies (Not to be confused with Three Little Piggies!) and I just love it. It is a faux firework wall decoration for Lunar New Year. The 'firecrackers' are filled with goodies. I love it, and that rabbit is adorable! You can read the entire tutorial here.

Another gorgeous bit of red, this time made for Valentine's day by
Alright folks. It is your turn again. Show me what you have been building, painting, baking and sewing. Also, since I cannot find a linky tool service that offers free thumnail linky tools this week it will be a text only link event. I will visit every link though I promise.