Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabulous Five! Craft Room Storage Edition

Sometimes it pays to browse your own bookmarks. I am currently in the process of bringing all of my our craft stuff from storage and have been running out of storage options for a lot of it. Mostly, my craft stuff and the bathroom. Seeing as how my bathroom has no vanity, walls (none finished) and no door my storage options are quite limited. But it also means my bathroom is a blank canvas and I can figure out now what works for us. Then there is the craft area...what is that internet term "For the lulz"? Seriously, it is almost a joke the amount of serious crap lovely supplies I have accumulated over the past couple years.
So today, after three days of unpacking and making a bigger mess organizing I thought I would surf my three years of accumulated bookmarks (Thanks Google Bookmarks!) for links not showing up on Google's radar when I search terms like "DIY Scrapbooking Storage Ideas" or "Creative Storage Ideas" and lo and behold the very first link in my bookmark list is "22 Bathroom Storage Ideas" from And even better, the very shelf I want for our towels is the first picture!

Now, could someone please tell me what the actual term is for this shelf? It is exactly what I need for between my tub and bathroom door(way).  (This one is a bonus because I need your help.)

And now for the fabulous five crafty storage ideas (Because bathroom and crafty just wonèt work together!) to help us all corral our crap carefully selected supplies in 2011!
 These hanging buckets made by Destri are gorgeous yes? They are also wonderfully functional. For the full tutorial on these pretty little ditties visit The Mother Huddle.I can't wait to make up a bunch from my vintage sheet/denim collection. It just so happens I already have the hanging bar from IKEA needing a home.

Although I just bought (I know! I know! But I was near desperation) a ribbon organizer, I wish I had thought to search my bookmarks sooner. Does it get any easier than some chain and curtain rods? This one made by Diane of In My Own Style shows you how to make it here. I love how absolutely customizable it is!

Have fabric that needs some efficient yet visible storage? Missy @ The Little Green Bean shows you how she got her fabric addiction in check with this gorgeous shelf and mini cardboard fabric bolts. If I didn't have more sheets than yards this is how I would be going, but I am totally keeping it bookmarked because eventually my fat quarters and yardage will need more than the tote(s) they are in.

After you have contained your fabric addiction you will need somewhere to put all of the coordinating thread and I think this DIY spool rack by Mandy of Sugar Bee Craft Edition is exactly where to go. I almost bought a spool rack last night but it did not hold enough spools and I did not feel like shelling out for two. Now I can make my own and it can hold my Serger cones as well!

I couldn't very well do a post about DIY storage and not reference again could I? I love this mailbox idea. They come in a billion different sizes and the flyer holders are the perfect sized hooks for well...nearly anything!

While this is not my photo (Another this is very similar to what I have been doing for the last two days. I can't wait to:
  1. Be done.
  2. Take photos.
  3. Actually craft in the space.
For now let us revel in the fabulousness of other's crafty spaces.  Until next time (Which may just be about bathroom storage?) Have a fabulous Friday Folks!