Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To : Felt Flowered Papier Mache Easter Basket


Good morning! The sun is shining here today and it is slowly warming up. After I post this I am getting pretty and Wednesday and I are going out to play! But, before that I have a photo tutorial to share with you. I had it in my mind to make Wednesday's Easter basket this year, to go along with the eggs I made her and the soon-to-be-felt-food I am making her. I had a few issues though. It needed to be big enough to hold two dozen soft eggs, it needed to be light enough for her to carry and comfortable enough for her to want to carry it. I kept going back to papier mache for simplicity. I re-examined the mailbox I made her and found it to be light enough so, I went with it. The next snag was how to cover it. My head was not in the place to make a slip cover for it like the mailbox but I knew I wanted a nice soft look. Enter this tutorial from Love 2 Create. It was inspiring in both its simplicity and prettiness. Over the course of the weekend I think I made about 160 felt rosettes.

My Crafty Weekend V2 Complete With Accessories



Oh and of course, I made a couple of nifty buttons to go along with the link up. Feel free to use them, comment on them or ignore them. I gotta say, they were the most difficult thing I have done creative wise in some time. I hope you share some of your crafty endeavors. Finished, WIPs, recipes, you know, whatever you had fun creating this weekend!