Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Two of Water Withdrawl

It is only 8:04 and I am on my second mug of coffee with fervor. Last night was our first night of no water at all. It started off really well, almost too well.

Wednesday woke up at her usual two hour interval from bedtime and without water went back to sleep in less than five minutes. Score. She even stayed sleeping for two more hours. (Too bad my period showed up and kept me awake for that two hours.)

Midnight came and she woke and cried and slept and woke and cried and slept and woke and cried and slept until two thirtyish. That was a tough couple hours since I hadn't slept yet.

The next five hours brought a few wakes up, but I think we were all exhausted from the hours previous and so we got some rest as family off and on until seven this morning.

We are pretty tired, and I think nap time will come early for both Wednesday and myself but all in all this is going much better than I thought it would this soon.

Another picture of my babe sleeping...this one is from the end of January.

Sleeping Beauty