Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Creative Space - Times, they are a changin'

I am at it again! Playing with Photoshop that is. Rummaging through my digital scrapbooking files looking for 'just the right piece'. I almost have it. Just a few more tweaks, and of course there is the great button decision! I have it narrowed to four five OK, I don't have it narrowed down at all but I will. Soon. I hope!

I am not going to lie, I love where it is going, and with every layer I learn something new about Photocshop and this crazy thing called Digital Scrapbooking. I think, I might even be ready for a tutorial. Just the basics, you know beginner to beginner in beginner language.

We'll see. For now, what with the Sew What! sew along and my upcoming Denim Month in June (Oh my goodness I am excited about that!) I have no time for billions of screen shots and labels. But sooooooooooon I promise hope.

Visited Kootoyoo yet? Creative Spacers are always fun!

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