Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Giveaway!!


Wow! Week number four of Giveaway Month! Are you as excited as I am? Awesome! So this month I gave away stuff I made, I gave away stuff I liked, I even gave away something from someone I had never met, after all of that I thought I would return to giveaway something I have made. :) I actually made it all this weekend. ready to see it? OK!

Pretty in Pink Giveaway

I am calling this one Pretty in Pink! I made a purse, (Tutorial is in the works!)singed flower headband and barrettes this weekend. I thought someone's little girl might be super excited to get decked out in pink sparkly fabric and satin! I know Wednesday was loving the purse so when I make hers next I'll take photos. It was so simple and yet so darn cute!

Okay, this one is just as simple as the rest. To enter, be a follower and comment telling me so and for whom the set is for you or a special little girl in your life!
Contest closes Friday October 1st at 9pm. Contest closed, thank you so much for playing. Tune in tomorrow to see if you won!

Cheers and thanks for playing!