Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Creative Space : The Domestic Arts

Pizza Ball

Although my posting suggests otherwise, it has not been a flurry of crafting around here. At first I think I was a little burnt out from Valentine's Day and the crafting that was accomplished for said holiday. It was not long after though that my energies were diverted from the sewing to the cooking.

In our household the domestic duties although shared are divided pretty clearly. I am Mama Supreme come domestic goddess and sometimes meal provider. Mr. Until Wednesday is Carpenter Extraordinaire come chef supreme and sometimes cleaner upper of the abode. This week though, I took on the task of creating more meals. Normally, this is left to Mr. Until Wednesday because he can cook better, healthier and faster. The man can create the most delicious pad Thai you have ever ate in mere minutes. But, a few things have changed, the main one being my vigilant vegetarianism.

You remember my post a little over a month ago about the book Eating Animals. I held true to that promise I have been meat free ever since. While it was truly easy to give up that last bit of meat I was eating, (except breakfast meat, in particular bacon and sausage, man that was hard!)but it did make it harder to come up with interesting meals that everyone, even the carnivores could appreciate. But, I managed and quite well I might add.

Sunday:spinach and ricotta manicotti in a rose sauce
Monday:mmmmmm leftovers
Tuesday:homemade pizza from scratch
Wednesday:quasidillas with a side of sweet potato fries served with a really nice curry mayo
Thursday:simple mashed potato (with skins)with a side of Californian mixed veggies sauteed in garlic butter
Friday:omelettes and leftover potatoes fried into the best home fries ever
Saturday: tortilla lasagna

All in all it has been a great week and I am totally impressed with my skills. But I am even happier that I have found three new dishes that are super healthy, super tasty and super vegetarian. No longer are my fall back dinners rich in both comfort and cholesterol. I will miss the Shake & Bake chicken and bacon smothered in maple syrup but I think it is a totally fair trade for homemade pizza and manicotti.

Next week I hope to make a broccoli cheddar soup recipe (Have one?), a REALLY good vegetarian chili and maybe even some home made ravioli! I'll report back with recipes and photos!

If you have yet to visit Kristy @ Kootoyoo for My Creative Space you should. I am, as it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing places to hang out!