Friday, July 10, 2009

Ello. Did you say Hello?

Well, I better get to posting the intro post before the other posts I have in mind start to pile up and never get posted as I have a habit of doing.

Let me begin by thanking you for stopping by. This blog is intended to show of my mommy skills. My homemaking skills etc. I have a more personal journal that also includes more intimate details of my family's life and if you have a livejournal account you can find me there @ juicy bits are friends locked but there are some good posts the public can view.

Let me continue by introducing myself and my family. My name is Melissa and I am 31. My daughter is two and my husband is well that's his business. We are a happy family in love with each other and life. Wednesday's favourite things to do are explore and play with a ball and blocks. While other children are running like mad she is examining everything. It is a wonderful thing to watch her walking, looking, touching and listening. She makes me so proud. Myself, I love to be outdoors as much as I love to be indoors. I am just as comfortable hiking and camping as I am inside crafting or surfing. And you will find that out over time. Ris my life partner and soul mate. He is much like me in how he is comfortable in and outdoors. But, he is a carpenter and so his enjoyment leans more to the fresh air experience.

In this blog you will *hopefully* find posts about my hobbies, my daughter, how I combine them. Also I am a greenie and love to share my views about things like cloth diapers, mama cloth and pre-cycling. I am very passionate about the replacement of disposable products in our lives. (Not just my family's but yours too.) But I like doing this in a fun and frugal way and hope you enjoy reading about it. Ron will sneak in here now and again as sunject matter too, but he mostly humours and encourages me without actually getting involved in my eco warrior-ness. I also love to bake and sew so this blog won't always be green, but pretty and yummy too!

So until my next post I bid you adieu and leave you with a few photos of my family.

Fathers day 09 (20)
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