Friday, March 4, 2011

Cabin Fever!

Tonight I am aching for springtime. I want to wash my deck furniture, till my garden and just be outside without any ice, snow or negative temperatures. I have been thinking about the kind of ambiance I want and I think I am going to go for flea market/junk style chic.You know, repurposed, paint chipping and rusty kind of stuff. I have lots of ideas. But, what I can't decide on is the outdoor lighting for my deck. You now, farmhouse chic or rusted iron? Lots of table lights? Or some pole style lamps? Or my favourite string lighting. Seriously, anything more bed and breakfast-y than a string or two of globe lights? How would you light your conversation area?

I don't think anyone could blame me for becoming twitterpated when I see photos like this:

Or This:
A table for two please.~ Urban Chic
Or This:
outdoor chippy vignette
Or this positively dreamy scene:
Lunch in the Garden

I have some great pieces and some even better ideas but I need the weather to co-operate! it spring yet?
preety lily from Ron