Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

This week,friends of hours held a lil' Valentine soiree for the kids and it was just wonderful. Four kids all age three just having a blast decorating cookies, crowns and eating pizza.

We managed to get a group photo before they were thoroughly involved in the decorating. 

The fabulous mama who through the soiree and her little man!

Laying the icing foundation for sprinkles!

I think she liked the Cake Mate Scribblers more than the sprinkles.

The always fabulous Sydney!

Little A sticks his tongue out even more than Wednesday when he is concentrating heavily. So cute!

Decorating the crown together.

Waiting patiently for the pizza.

Our lovey weekend was full of love.

The party was great. I was surprised that the children (all age 3) participated full in each of the activities, even after eating some cookies. I think part of the success was due to the ten minute play times in between activities. I am so glad we were invited and I can't wait for Easter now! (Wednesday has been talking about dying eggs for over a week now!)