Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

 One very proud father and one very happy daughter.

We have created our own tradition for Fathers day as a family and for me I think it is beginning to rival Christmas. I mean the weather is nicer and there is no emptying of the pockets for gifts so we can invite as many people as we want! What we do is get Ron's family, my family and any super close friends together for a BBQ at a local park area. This was our third year having the BBQ and we had it at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. The weather was cool and windy but sunny and warm at the sawe time. Above conversation and laughter we heard the waves crashing on the shore of the shoal beach. So.very.awesome. At first it was just the easiest way to say happy fathers day to the newest dad in my life (Ron) and both of our dads as well as Ron's bother who has been a dad for a few years. It just seemed like such a good idea we kept going last year and then again this year and will definitely be doing it every year after this that weather permits.
I hope your weekend was as full of smiles and sunshine as ours!