Monday, June 7, 2010

Denim-Stravaganza! : Flickr Favourites


The skirt I made kind of burnt me out for the sewing machine, so I am going to take a break for a couple days. But, that does not mean I cannot share with you some wonderful things other have made from denim. below is a small mosaic of wearables, weavables and wonderfuls made from denim I found on Flickr. I really enjoy them all, particularly the woven chair seat in the bottom row. I'll definitely be putting that idea in the vault. And are those coasters not perfectly clever? If you would like to see more lovely ways that denim has been reused check out Denim Surgery a Flickr group. I'll be visiting that pool a few more times in the next few days you can well imagine. Most of these photos were found just by typing in denim, but the pool offers a more focused selection.


1. DSCN5906, 2. Denim Dress, 3. denim x japanese #2, 4. felt studio: denim, 5. Denim Weaving, 6. denim basket, 7. denim coasters and holder (4), 8. Re-Purposed Denim/leather belt chai, 9. Re-Purposed Jean

For those of you sewing along with us for Sew What?! You can find this weeks challenge posted at the top of my blog under header and navigation buttons. I hope you have fun with it because I sure did!