Friday, June 25, 2010

Sew What! Reader Showcase!

Happy Friday mes amis! I am still on a high from yesterday's awesomeness (It got even better with a surprise visit from my little brother who lives in the big city. We had dinner on a patio and Wednesday behaved herself and it was just so nice!) So yes, good times here in the House of Sweets.

I finished my "Carry It" challenge a couple days ago but my memory card for my camera decided working was for losers and proceded to walk off the job without two weeks notice. Instead of replacing it, i am going to try and squeeze a couple weeks out of my back up camera and then we will buy another new camera. Because mama can't blog about her child and sewing without a camera ya'll.

That being said, we have had some submissions for some previous challenges coming in and I thought today would be the perfect day to show them off!

First off, three submissions for the reverse applique filled form challenge! (I was so worried no one liked the reverse applique part of the challenge!)

This is a lovely (I mean lovely) layered reverse applique submission from MaeKellan. The description was missing but since it is on the floor next to a door I am going to go out on a limb and say it is a doorstop! I really like it, the shape is wonderful and that punch of colour with the stripes at the center makes me happy. (I have learned over the years I am a sucker for stripes.)

Like a good little overachiever, MaeKellan submitted this beautiful little blue number as well. Again, the description was missing but I think it is safe to assume it as a hot pad and coaster combo. I LOVE the hot pad take on it (and the hot pad itself). Such a lovely example of patchwork and reverse applique.

This clever little number is from MamaTave. Remember when I said that pocket pillows were genius? I wasn't kidding. I love this pillow and she gets extra points for it holding a [Mercer Mayer] book and not a remote! Lovely work, and how comfy does it look?

Thank you so much ladies for these sewing along, your work is just wonderful to both look at and share! Being late is okay, and I remember saying that with father's Day coming up I expected late submissions. As long as you sew them, we will post them! Even the older ones like the skirt challenge or the bag with words! It is all good!  If you have any questions about the Carry It challenge for this week you can refer to this post or email Cynthia or myself and we will answer any questions you may have.