Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

Last week when The Mister listed his kayak on Kijiji for sale someone offered to trade their Canon Rebel XT and we jumped on it. (By jumping I mean we drove almost two hours away to meet him halfway as he was coming from Quebec!) I am in love, the weather has been utterly horrible so I haven't been able to take too many photos but I did manage to get some great ones at a conservation area on the way home from the day trip. I am so excited for spring to warm up so we can spend more time outside!
How are your families holding up waiting for some sunshine?


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Donna said...

Hi Melissa, I love your photos of Wednesday. :o) She looks like she is having a great time.

Our weather is hot and I'm praying for a little rain. We are having grass fires here in Texas right now. I'm afraid we got an early summer out here!

I was dropping by to see if you were having a "My Crafty Weekend". Obviously you were being pretty was just blog work. LoL! Does that count? I think it should! Ha!

I just finished a gorgeous fabric banner and was going to link it up. Perhaps next week. :o)

I'd love to send some of our sunshine up to you just for the sake of your stunning photos!