Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

The camera was found! (In the mister's pocket no less!) I can now share with you photos from our trip to Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area Sugarbush!(Say that three times fast!) We enjoyed ourselves so much that we will be back for many an outing this summer.

Photo heavy post so I made a jump for you to view the rest.

Good clean early spring fun! This was our first trip to Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area (We do not live in Kingston) but we are close enough to enjoy it a few more times this summer and of course in the fall. My favourite time to visit conservation areas is in the fall. In the summer, I am a beach baby (and camper!) Did you make it to a sugar bush? Do you (I'm looking at you Southerners *wink wink*) know a sugar bush is?
What is your favourite crappy spring weather activity? Because we all know that spring weather (For us Northerners anyhoo) is terribly unpredictable, no serious outdoor plans can be made I tell you what. We are going to make bird seed shapes this week and mama is going to clean the yard(s) while Wednesday enjoys her new found seasonal toys.
Happy Wednesday!


Donna said...

Oh Melissa..Wednesday in the colorful crocheted hat is a 'picture'! I love all the photos of the park too. How I wish we had anything even remotely like that around here. But we don't. And no cold weather either. I'm sure you get tired of it, but we almost don't get it. On the other hand, Spring here in the Sam Houston National Forest is ALWAYS stunning! Wildflowers everywhere.

We are doing yard style this week. :o) Being transplanted urbanites, this is always somewhat of an education for us. I'm working on the post now.

I just love your photos..especially when Wednesday is in them of course. :O)


ps. Hmmm bad spring weather activity..

My teen boys' favorite activity on a rainy day is to make homemade pizza and watch funny youtube videos or old classic comedies.

Rebekah and I ALWAYS want to break out and sew. :o) (After making our requisite 'tea' and scones.)

The Sewing Dork said...

Mmmm, pass the maple syrup please. And I too love that hat!

Anji* said...

Just beautiful, all of it :)

I love the photo of Wednesday peeking out from between the trees!