Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Crafty Weekend : 11 1/2" Edition

I just want to say that it is really hard to put together a pictorial post whilst watching a movie! I am watching Tin Man part one right now and it is very intriguing. It is also starring one of my favourite actresses Zooey Deshanel. Love her too? Who doesn't? Satan maybe.

But, yes, crafty posty thing..hmm..what? Oh right, My Crafty Weekend. Well, as I mention yesterday it was a holiday weekend here in Canada. Victoria Day Weekend, or La fête de la Reine in Quebec. And it was wonderful. We gardened, painted, went to fireworks and just generally lazied about. Did I mention it was awesome? So, not much crafting happened, but I managed to squeeze in a little sewing! (Ha, good one eh?)

These will not win me design awards, but I am nonetheless extremely happy with the results!

A few months back we bought Wednesday a couple second hand 11 1/2" dolls complete with hair cuts. One had a worn out dress and one had a hockey tape dominatrix thing going on. neither were very attractive but Wednesday was happy. That is all that mattered. Wednesday proceeded to undress both dolls as she does with every doll she owns. She find doll clothes quite cumbersome regardless of size.

Anyhoo, It finally occurred to me that I have both a sewing machine and the ability to use it. Sew I did (use it)! (HA see what I did there?) Yeah, moving on...
The Mister recently cut off the sleeves to a few work shirts (A very colourful assortment I might add.) and I got to work making these rudimentary (albeit pretty) dresses. The designs are not just simple for ease of sewing but Wednesday can get them on and more importantly off easily. I thought I might rig up a tute but this movie i getting the better of my time and I still have two more eighty seven minute movies to watch in the series. So maybe this weekend.

Oh! And don't forget about the Sew What! Sew Along beginning next week! Click here for the details! And in case you already know you want to play along, the first project is a skirt (for mama or child). Remember no embellishments not made of the fabric of yur choice, but you can do whatever you want with that fabric!

Okay, my movie is starting to get good! So I will bid you adieu! Show us what you got! What have you been up to? Baking? Gluing? Sketching? Sewing? It's all good in the hood! As always, here are you buttons! Usage is optional but I love seeing them on other blogs, seriously it almost makes me giddy!

P.S. Since I baked a couple pies yesterday (Blueberry & Blueberry/Rhubarb) I am linking to a post I did with the best recipe for Blueberry Pie!



Steph said...

Those dolls look like they've just stepped off a Paris runway! Fabulous. Bet Wednesday loves them....or does she just like to srtip them off and leave them lying around in their birthday suits like most little ones do :)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I love those outfits. I have got to get started on some outfits to clothe all our naked dolls. Great job!

Donna said...

I love that you got the idea to make even Barbie make the 'Refashion Pledge"! Too cute! My grandmother made barbie clothes for me all the time. The wedding dress and 70's black leather go-go dress were my favorites. I never realized then what a work of art they were!

I bet Wednesday has a fun time with these clothes. :o)

Glad to hear from you Melissa. I almost didn't realize it was you when you left the comment about the YO-Yo flowers tutorial.

I'm crazy about those things! But now I'm working on a quilt square tote bag but I'm still putting a yo-yo on it. Ha!

I'm going to be posting about how to make your own bias tape on my sewing blog this week, but hubby is gone for a month, which has me kind of down in the dumps. Sigh... it wasn't supposed to be that long. I love your craft weekend theme. :o)

Tara said...

Oooh! My mum used to make me barbie clothes. On time Barbie got a halter bikini and I was ecstatic.