Monday, April 26, 2010

Storybook Sunday : Fancy Nancy : Bonjour Butterfly

This is a super fun edition of Story Book Sunday! After I review the book: Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly, I have a tutorial for a great craft inspired by the book! So stick with me, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Fancy Nancy: Bon jour Butterfly is a fantastic book written by Jane O'Connor. It touches you on so many levels. It touches on the joy of being feminine (that is a fancy word for girly), it touches on disappointment, it touches on the need to be there for your family (and in return, your family being there for you.)

This was our first Fancy Nancy book. As a parent I loved the constant infuse of larger vocabulary. The fancier the better. As a mom of a little girl I was almost squealing with delight at her costumes and accessories. And as a person who appreciates illustrations j'adore (that is French for I love) the artwork in this book. I think it might even have stolen the show.

As intriguing (that is a fancy word for interesting) as the text and dialogue were, it was the artwork that drew me in. I just loved how expressive Robin Preiss Glasser was able to make Fancy Nancy on every page. Not just when she was sulky but when she was happy and angry. I think my absolute favourite picture is when Fancy's Mom gives her some bad news. She is just beside herself, I mean, distraught (that is a fancy word for upset) and it is clearly (and adorably) illustrated.

But the story is wonderful too, with a most important lesson to be learned. Our lives are enriched (That is a fancy word for better) because of family. This was our first Fancy Nancy book, but it is definitely not our last. I am on the hunt for more. Apparently there are a few lol. Between the library, eBay and discount stores we may just be able to read them all.

Feathered parasol

And what Fancy Nancy reading time would be complete without our own Fancy Nancy parasol?! Well, it just wouldn't so let's make one! It is super easy and super cheap!


Loop ends.


Glue ends.

Halfway there.


Feathered parasol

Feathered parasol

Feathered parasol

Thanks for stopping by! Bonne nuit! (That is French For good night.)
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The Sewing Dork said...

Waaaaayyyyy cute. Why didn't my mom ever make anything fun like this?

Lauren A. Petersen said...

SO CUTE!! This would make for an excelent photo prop!

Sew It To Me said...

Cute! We heart Fancy Nancy too.

We'd love to feature you sometime. Shoot us an email if you are interested.

Sew It To Me

Steph said...

That is so lovely! Must check out that book too :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

We are in love with Fancy Nancy at our house too. Besides the regular Fancy Nancy books there are quite a few easy readers that still introduce new vocabulary. They're at the perfect level for our daughter right now. They're a little challenging for her. She loves them so much, though, that she reads them constantly and ends up mastering them. Since we've exhaused the supply in our littble library system, I just ordered a bunch of used ones online and they'll be here in a few days.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Oh, and the parasol is wonderful too! My daughter would LOVE it!

Donna said...

Melissa, I'm so glad you did this review! Lena, my granddaughter, is growing fast and already toddles around with her little pink purse hitched over her shoulder. :o)

This book and the umbrella, which I could make using your fantastic tutorial, will be a perfect birthday gift for her! Thanks a bunch!

Your faithful fan,
Donna @ Comin' Home

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

We are both parasol & Fancy Nancy fans in these parts. This is a great post. On the "to do" list.

memakingdo said...

I am going to have to get that book and read with my daughter and make her that adorable parasol!!!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Any little girl would be so happy to play Fancy Nancy with that!! It was so sweet!! Thanks for linking up@@@

Andrea said...

I cannot let my girls see this or they will want one!! :) So cute!

kim west said...

I just did a fancy nancy post on pens with a plume (that's a fancy word for feathers) and someone left me a comment telling me about this darling post and I popped over to see it and LOVED it! absolutely adorable! I am green with envy!

PEACHES said...

Ooooooeeee is this CUTE!

Hey Girly, I just saw the lovely comment you left on my site and had to peep over and see what you are up to. Oddles of good stuff, I see!

this parasol is adorable. If someone had given one to me as a kid I don't kind I would have ever put it down!

Debbie said...

I may not be a little girl in reality, but I must be in my heart! I love this. I am going to make one of these for myself for my Red Hat Society gatherings. Of course it will be Red and Purple! Thanks for posting this!