Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday


Wednesday's first Easter egg hunt. This was last March. I was not nearly as crafty this time last year so I just bought some super shiny eggs and a bucket and threw them on the grass. She loved it. She was too young to really hunt so instead of making it hard for her we kept it simple. She loved it and when she would open them up and find some real fruit candy all the better. This year they will be one hundred percent less plastic but a zillion percent more awesomeness!


Donna said...

Melissa, these are so pretty! I love the way you framed them. Well, we did eggs the same way for our toddlers and I don't think I ever got more creative about it. I did have five toddlers at one time and that may having something to do with it.-Ha! She looks like she is having a really fun time. :o)

Sally said...

Gorgeous photos as always... how did you make those lovely transparent frames???

Donna said...

Hi Melissa, I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award..because you are one of the people who has really encouraged me these last few thanks! I've listed your blog for tomorrow's post and linked it back to here. You can copy the flower award button on your side bar or not as you like. It's on my post.

Rosemary said...