Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trial And Error

Sometimes I make things that go so smoothly from conception to reality I almost don't believe it. Sometimes I have craft fails so big I scrap the entire process and move on. And sometimes I know I can do it and I either unpick my stitches or I go and buy more material(s). The case of the rufflebum onesies was the latter.

This is the finished product I had in my head. Pretty fantastic right? I think so, with the pink satin ribbon with sparkly white polka dots this onesie is made of nothing but cute!


But this is how the first one turned out. Tres horrible! My stitches were set to so high I ran out of ribbon. My tenstion was so high that I chewed holes in the knit fabric and I thought I had to stretch the onesie during stitching so the back of the stitching is overly wonky.
I was heartbroken. I couldn't figure out where I went wrong at first. But after pulling out the last row, readjusting all my stitch settings it properly stitched.
I also figured out that ruffles this 'ruffly' needed to be made out of ribbon that was double sided at least in colour. So much of the white backing on the patterned ribbon took away from the pretty paisley print.


So I went back to the dept. store and bought another onesie and a better ribbon choice and went at it again. It worked! I made not just this adorable bum but another!


Not only did I create two gorgeous onesies for a customer but I fell in love with my ruffler foot all over again.

Sometimes, you just need to listen to what your sewing machine is telling you. ♥


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Top notch cuteness and so glad you persevered.

Anonymous said...

I've given you the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details!

QA said...
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City Style and Living said...

This is too cute for words. Glad you were able to get the stitches to work. So adorable - thanks for sharing!


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