Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

Our little tree hugger
"Take a picture of me hugging the tree Mommy." Our little tree hugger had a lot of fun on her very first camping trip. And so did we. For those of you interested in a few candid snap shots you can view the set here at Flickr.


Anji* said...

I don't believe it! My daughter Cyan always hugs trees! She has since she was a toddler.. I'll have to dig out some photos, I know I have them. It's a family joke as we're all greenies to call her tree hugger!

Wednesday is so cheeky and cute :)

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

That is too precious!

Sally said...

I really look forward to these photos - so super cute.

Melissa said...

She looks so sweet and adorable (and I am sure she is too!!) said...

That tree hugger is soooo cute.

Katherine said...

We went on our first camping trip last weekend! The ground was tooooooo hard!

Donna said...

Melissa..she is darling! What a great photo! My, she has grown a lot this year! You should go into child photography some day. :o)

I have Sooo missed visiting your blog, Melissa. I used to come here every day. :o) Now I'm afraid I'm just keeping my head above water since my father passed away. If someone leaves a comment, I do my darnedest to reply. Guess who taught me blogging etiquette? You! I was such a newbie last Fall.

It's funny, but I had to give up doing all the fun projects and sewing just so I can get caught up, so maybe in a few months I can do more fun projects and sewing. Ha! I have this 'house for sale' hung around my neck that is pretty much a pain in the neck. I'm about to beg Wells Fargo to please quit messing things up before I run out of money. I'm not joking either. It's a long story but their takeover of Wachovia has just about run the whole process into the ground! Sorry to be venting here.

Gosh, Your blog looks just perfect now! And I love your photo of the garland and the garland too! What a fabulous idea! I love online images but I never would have thought to use them as you did.

You are the most craftiest queen I know. (forgive the grammar -ha!) I'm exhausted thanks to my little cutie Lena who also had a major allergy (pre-cursor to asthma) attack for a couple of days. I was doing breathing treatments and medicine and baths trying to keep her comfortable all the while she was wanting mommy. After 24 hours I got her really stable, just in time to go home. My son says they go through the whole thing once a month. I'm glad she went through it on my watch and not at home with a brand new sibling.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. I do believe I'll get to visit here more soon as I think I'm getting to the end of the tunnel.

Donna @ Comin' Home