Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Baking and Refashioning My Favourite Kind of Crafty Weekend

Happy Monday my crafty amigas! I hope you had a gorgeous sun filled weekend like we did! We rolled in the grass, picked some dandelions, played hopscotch and walked through green spaces. But, when we were not have super fun time outside as a family, I was inside created masterpieces as usual.

Mom's Macaroons

I made my Mom's recipe for chocolate macaroons. I learned that they are much sweeter than I remember them and next time I am going to lessen the sugar amount by a half cup and try to extrude them through an icing bag fitted with wide mouth piece to make them more uniform. What can I say? I like my cookies to conform!

Scarf Final Product (9)

Last but not least, I did some refashioning...for me! I know, crazy right? What mama sews for herself these days? Well I did. I refashioned a pair of pajama pants found on a recent thrifting trip into a gorgeous scarf! I am hoping today to create some matching accessories whilst Wednesday naps. I will have a tutorial for you tomorrow. Seriously, it is so easy and so pretty!

Something devastating happened yesterday. *deep breath* My camera broke! *lip quiver* I do have a back up but the pictures on my blog may be of a lesser quality. It is a point and shoot I was never very happy with. I am hoping to have my Olympus replaced this week but I am not made of money and the Mister is busy with other things. *big sigh*

But enough of my lamenting. On to your wonderfully crafty projects!


Speaking of wonderfully crafty, are these bears not adorable? Last week, Pati from A Crafty Escape linked up these adorable bears she made from the book Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan. I am so jealous. I have had this book on my Chapter's wish list for what seems like ever and she managed to borrow a copy from her library. The lucky duck!  I really think her bears are sweet. As are so many of her crafty projects. A quick tour of her main page brought sewing projects, gluing projects and cake decorating.


Now show us what you have been working on, baking up, finishing and loving!

Don't forget about the Let's Go Outside giveaway!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Sad day about your camera. Ours that had been on it's way out for a while is pretty much does a really lousy job focussing, so we're borrowing one from my mom for now. I linked up an outfit I made for my son. Pattern and tutorial will be coming soon. LOVE your scarf! I never would have thought of doing that from pajamas. Awesome!

The Sewing Dork said...

I love that scarf too! What a great idea.

Shona Cole said...

those macaroons look awesome!!! So sorry about your camera breaking, I would be lost without mine.

I like this link exchange idea, I listed mine, now am I meant to do something else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting us to link up to your Monday and for the nice comments you made at

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...


You are TOO sweet... I'm blushing after reading what you said about me! Thank you so much, you are seriously too sweet.

So sorry to hear the news about your camera... hope you can figure out something soon.

~ Pati :)

Donna said...

Hi Melissa, Everything you did looks great! Wish I had been less sick and could have done more fun stuff.

By the way, Picasa has a great free photo editor which helps make up for some of the lack of camera. But I do feel for you! Poor thing!

I've never quite recovered from losing my Dad's camera at the hospital. The one I have now is awful!

Have a great week!

Anna said...

you would love Jenny Ryan's book, it's actually the book that resparked my sewing interest!

Lauren A. Petersen said...

I cringed when I read that your camera broke, hope you are able to get it replaced soon!

You HAVE been very crafty this weekend! And those Chocolate Macaroons remind me of those delicious no-bake chocolate/cornflake miracle cookies that we used to make in Elementary school... OMG I WANT!!

And I love the scarf! Can never have too many!!