Thursday, August 13, 2009

Indoor Pool!

Indoor Pool (16)

We went to Tara and Sidney's house for a play date today. Sidney got a bigger kiddie pool and the kids loved it. The last twenty minutes or so Wednesday was outside of the pool just pouring water from one container to another and was really enjoying herself. So, when we got home I thought I would continue the water play with a tub on the floor in the living room. (It is just not the same in the real tub for Wednesday, I am not sure why.) But instead of playing *with* the water she insisted on playing *in* the water.

Indoor Pool (5)

Indoor Pool (23)

Indoor Pool (24)

Indoor Pool (32)

Indoor Pool (36)

Indoor Pool (42)
The aftermath.

I have had some mamas say I was brave to allow water in the living room but it didn't occur to me to do it otherwise. The kitchen is a galley kitchen and not very conducive to fun on the floor and the living room is hardwood (parquet) so I thought it would be hunky dory. It was and I can't wait to do it again. :)


sara said...

okay, even still on wooden floors I think that you are brave! ;) Maybe it's because I have two boys that could flood my entire house with one bin of water? ;)

This sounds so elementary, but I have to ask: did you just let go of the "fear" of water going everywhere and making a mess and completely enjoy it while it was happening and clean up later? (did she make a huge wet mess?)

I let my boys do it in the kitchen in the winter (colorado can get cooold!) but OMG I seriously was ankle deep in water in some places and by the time my husband got home, it caused him an anxiety attack! ;)

Melissa said...

Enough water for two boys would make me nervous too! As it was, my little girl didn't make too much of a mess. The towels soaked up the big stuff and I had the mop at the ready for the little stuff.

I am not going to lie, it did not occur to me that this might be a bad idea. Initially she was just supposed to play *with* the water, when she got in, well...what can you do but take pictures?

We have done it once more since and really with just two inches of water in the tub/bin the mess in manageable.

Also, I may have used the kitchen initially but it is just so small and not much fun or very bright so it was off into the living room. :D

sara said...

haha :)

I'm actually way more easy going about it than my husband... he gets worried and then it's not fun anymore because then I start to stress out about HIM getting stressed out and the boys totally pick up on that!

I'm feeling sorta brave today, so we might just try it in the living room with a huge (heavy) blanket down while daddy is at work. ;)

I love your little blog - I came over from LJ (stalker much!?) and you're inspiring! I also really like your take on raising children - we all have our own ideas about what is "right" for our family and that's what matters. It's unique to find that amongst the mamas on lj, at least in my experience.

and - I also have to say that I checked out your flickr and HOLY CRAP I am jealous of your body! You don't even look like you've had a child! lucky woman. ;)

Melissa said...

Did you try it? I highly reccomend it, especially on the days when the UV index is like 7 bajillion.

Well shucks, thanks so much for the nice words. Made my day I promise! I do love Lj but I found myself growing away from it as a blogging tool for myself. But I plan on sticking around for the people on my friends list, some are just awesome and you are right that LJ has some very unique mamas!

Also, thank you. Sometimes I see pictures and I'm kinda sorta proud of my postpartum figure and others well...what can I say I'm a hormonal woman at times!

Also also, thanks for reading and enjoying, I am trying to make this place just that sort of place. To learn and share and stumble through the joys of parenthood (and life, but mostly parenthood).

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that first photo is the cutest darn thing!!!!! I saw it on the link within post and had to visit. I can tell that she had a BLAST in her indoor pool!