Monday, December 12, 2011

How To: Refurbish a Jewelry Box with Clip On Earrings and Paint


Some difference eh? I love it. A little bit of paint, fabric and shiny baubles and this once almost useless jewelry box is useful and pretty. I was on a big spray painting kit one day and collected everything I could find that might make a pretty accessory holder. The pulls were hideous (and hard to use being so small) so I dug into my thrifted clip on earring collection and voila! here is how I made it:

Gather Ye Materials
Jewelry box
Paint (optional) I used Rustoleum Apple Red Spray paint
Clip on Earrings (1 for each drawer/door)
Small piece of fabric

Gather Ye Tools
Hot glue gun
E600 glue

Begin at the beginning...


Step 1:  Remove hardware holding door glass and the door glass.
{If painting}Remove drawer pulls and tape a pice of paper to where door glass was.
Step 1.5: Paint
Step 2: Use glass as template for fabric. Cut fabric larger than glass.
Step 3: Glue down fabric to inside of door frame.
Step 5: Trim fabric.

Collect your clip on earrings.
Step 5: Remove backs from clip on earrings. I did this with a pair of pliers. I held onto the earring with a pair and pulled on the clip with a pair.
Step-6Step 7
Step 6: using a glue that can bond metal to metal (like E600) to glue the earrings to each drawer pull.
finished red jewelry box
Step 8: Add post earrings to fabric and you're done!
Closet1Red-Accessory-Holders Closet
Add it to your bedroom and fill with your fabulous accessories!
Happy refurbishing!


Toni said...

Awesome, awesome, job. I love the use of old clip-on earrings as drawers pulls. I have some "gems" from my grandmother and an old little jewelry box like that - I had received when I was a little girl. The wheels are turning!!!

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Little Mrs. Jonesss said...

I am so glad I found this blog! I can't wait to make one of these myself. I plan to hit the thrift stores today! Thank you

Hris Bandhu said...

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