Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storage Geek on Facebook

Hey guys! I finally made a page for Storage Geek on Facebook! But, before they'll give me a address I need twenty five likes. Could you guys be dearies and click THIS link and like me? I'd really appreciate it!
Cheers, M♥

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Donna said...

Hi Melissa, I was so pleased to see that you visited! We seem to have a hard time keeping in touch. :o0 BTW, I love your header! I was thinking about you today. I am planning to write a post about not letting blogging take over life for my Tuesday Tea chat.

Your title has always inspired me. That's my motto too only it would have to read Until Tim, Matthew, Andrew Rebekah, Jacob, Christian, or my DIL's call. And they do call..all the time! Everyone wants to talk.

I liked your Geek Storage page. I had to have those likes for my Comin' Home facebook page too. I just put a box on the sidebar and people clicked away. :o)

Have a great day Melissa! It was so nice to see you.