Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

My camera has disappeared. I am not even kidding, I have not been able to find it for more than a week. Which sucks because I hadn't had a chance to upload the Little Cataraqui Creek Sugarbush photos yet. So, to keep the Wednesday on Wednesday truck motoring along, I'll share with you a moment, that Wednesday herself has not forgotten for a moment since it happened.
What could I be be talking about? Dinosaur skeletons? Halloween costumes? Christmas morning? These all sound most wonderful, but alas, these are not the memories she asks about almost daily.
"Mommy, can we dye eggs again?"
This is what she asks me almost daily since the first time we did it. Don't believe me? Watch the super short video below and listen for the sheer delight in her voice. I had not heard this tone before nor have I heard it since.

"We made eggs! Do you see? Isn't it beautiful? Do you want to touch it? We made it!" The excitement she experienced from dying eggs was awe inspiring. And when spring was approaching I told her we could dye eggs when the snow had melted away (As in when spring was here.) Well, the snow has melted and she asks me every day to dye eggs. But we are brown egg consumers here so I keep forgetting to pick up a couple dozen white eggs for Wednesday to to go to town on.
We just did the old food colouring with vinegar to set it. This year I would like to try the all natural methods with beet roots and onions skins etc.

Well, I am on top of ti this year, this week we'll pick up some stuff and try round one of egg dying. How about you? Do you do anything fun when you dye eggs? Are you one of those ridiculously talented Ukrainian Egg designers? Go au natural? Care to share your tips and tricks?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


jennifer said...

zomg that's the CUTEST thing evaaar!

The Sewing Dork said...

Why is it they love the messiest crafts best?

Jaimie said...

This will be our third year of doing homemade plant dyes. It's really, really fun. My advice is to leave the eggs in the dye for a long time in order to get rich colors. The plant dyes definitely don't work as quickly or intensely as the artificial ones.

mamaTAVE said...

This will be our third year of natural dyes as well. I also am partial to brown eggs, and really liked how they turned out the first year we did it. Check it out, I give my "recipes" for different colors here:

PEACHES said...

Too cute! I remember dying eggs and having gray blue/red hands for a week!

Looks like yall had a lot of fun. I'm going to have a couple munchkins over and dye using tissue paper...we'll see how it goes. Happy Easter!

Anji* said...

Wednesday is simply adorable, she certainly makes the idea of dyeing eggs very appealing! I haven't dyed eggs since I was a child, I'll have to try it with my two, I bet they would love it too :)

Suzette said...

Followed a link over here from only to discover LOCAL content! Little Cat Creek?! Seriously?! HURRAY!

Donna said...

Melissa..this is too precious! One of our favorite activities was dying eggs with the children. Thanks for sharing your special time with us. :o) Lovely photos!

Donna @ Comin' Home

clearlytangled said...

absolutely adorable! unfortunately, i have not dyed eggs since i was a child, so i have no words of wisdom for you.

Elizabeth said...

That is so very cute! Especially the video. She does sound very delighted about her eggs!

Michele Pacey said...

that video is priceless Melissa! my favourite part is how Wednesday very carefully places the eggs back in the carton... what a little sweetie-pie!