Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday on Wednesday

It has been too long since I shared some pictures of my little princess! But, today I managed to snap a couple pics of her during dress up and so I thought I would share them with you as well as some pictures of the (work in progress) dress up corner I made for her.

Playing Dress-Up
Playing Dress-Up
Playing Dress-Up
The mirror photos are bit foggy because it is old and the mirror is foggy. But Wednesday loves looking at herself in it. I still have to work a full length mirror into the space for her because she loves to look at ever her shoes on. She is such a diva!

Dress Up Collage
I found a the dresser at a thrift shop for twenty five dollars. Which between you and me I have never paid that much for anything from a charity shop, but this was just to perfect to pass up! It was already painted white and ready to be filled with dress up goodies. I added hooks to the sides for necklaces and wings. In the drawers are glasses (and clown noses etc.), play silks and shoes. In the white suitcase is a hat collection. On the little coat rack is her dresses and skirts.
The photos of Wednesday were taken today, the dresser photos are from before Christmas, and since Christmas her dress up and accessory collection has exploded, so I have to rework the corner but I have a few ideas in mind. For a few more shots of the goods you can view the Flickr photoset here.

Hope your day is fabulous and don't forget to "Curtsy while you think, it saves time." ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful! When my girls were little, I would sometimes get a little annoyed with the neverending stash of pretties, jewelry, costumes, glitter, hair bows, boas, scarves, hats, goves, shoes....

Now I miss dress up. But only a little bit. ;)

Unknown said...

The dresser is a good find, actually, when you factor in the part about not having to paint it (though I'm with you--I'm not sure I've ever paid over $10 for anything from the thrift store!) It looks like she really loves her dress up area.

Anji* said...

Ah she's so cute! The dressing up corner is such a great idea! My Cyan loves to dress up, her dress ups are mostly kept all in one big basket, I'd love to try and create a dress up corner like yours! said...

Adorable melissa!!
PS... I see you are over run with headbands too! A friend of mine made me a great headband holder for Honeypie and it involved taking a roll of paper towels, wrapping them with cute fabric and sealing it with a hot glue gun, decorating it with trim and voila! You put in on top of a table or dresser and click the headbands into place... (hope i described that well.) But it works! I'll see if I can post a picture on my blog... :)