Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Post Holiday Wind Down


Happy Holidays! Oh what a whirlwind weekend that was yes?! We were all ridiculously spoiled and Wednesday got so much stuff I can't even tell you because I am sure it violates environmental laws in other countries! Anyone have any great Barbie organizing tips? Besides a shoe organizer I am stumped! Anyhoo..! What I am interested in your handmade stuff! Those projects you had been keeping on the down low for the surprise factor, are you ready to show them off?! Ooh and organizing tips, I would love some of those! I know this week is all about the cleaning and purging, and hopefully relaxing! What about you? What are your plans for this week?

OK! Show me what you have been making, sewing, painting and baking! OOOh and we cannot forget the golden rule! Visit the link before yours and leave a note of encouragement! ♥ Happy Monday


Donna said...

Hi Melissa, I've been organizing like crazy even before Christmas and have plans for a good post about it, but I made a promise to myself NOT to post over the holidays, so I may miss this Crafty Weekend. I'm in the throws of purging, organizing, and goal setting. But this week is my gift to my family, so what I'm REALLY doing the most of is...playing!

Have a great week!

Donna @ Comin' Home

PS. I've got a post on how to make sleep sacks for babies and toddlers..even a homemade pattern brewing too. will have to wait though. I'm trying to learn how to use my new serger! So fun!

L Simonson said...

Thanks for hosting! :)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

We are on a serious purge. Someone received a Barbie camper van for Christmas, yikes!!!, takes up most of the living area :) As for storing Barbies, I haven't had a chance to post this but I stole this one from a friend. Debbie Travis offers a clear plastic shoe organizer at Canadian Tire. It is perfect for putting one barbie per slot, there are 20 slots. Unfortunately that is not our entire collection but it helps!