Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

Just a pre-note (is that even proper English?) For the rest of April, I will be using Wednesday on Wednesday posts to both show off my brilliant daughter and plugging the Great Outdoor Challenge. I will use Wednesday's posts to show my favourite photos from Wednesday through Tuesday. One each from each day. :) Since I showed my lot Monday today I'll show you my favourites from yesterday (Tuesday).

Hiding from Mommy.

She loved thiscrushed stone.
We took a shortcut (ha!) through the high school yard across the street and Wednesday 
just loved the red stone they used for their track.

A new discovery.
Behind the pile of crushed stone we found a brand new (to us) path!

None shall pass!
"None shall pass!" (One of our favourite lines from Tinkerbell the Lost treasure.)

Scared of the coming dusk.
The woods make her nervous because of the lack of light and it was dinnertime on a cloudy day.

She did this I think to prove me wrong because I told her she couldn't. (The stick has a diameter of three inches.)

Resting. It was dinner time and she skipped her nap due to a power nap in the morning.


I am so happy we are participating in this challenge because we almost didn't make it outside due to blah weather and blah moods. But finding this new path was like finding gold! Even better, did I mention it was across the street? So, where did you go today?


The Sewing Dork said...

I was thinking of your Great Outdoor Challenge while we played in the sunshine after dinner tonight. We took a long walk to look for budding flowers and ants.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Awwww...what a beautiful picture of Wednesday! We played outside with the kids for a good hour...we are lucky enough here to be starting to have good weather. I hope you get better weather soon.

Donna said...

Darling...too cute!! Awesome photo!

Unknown said...

Adorable photo! We have almost that exact same sweater. We got it at a Peruvian booth/stand in San Francisco.