Monday, April 26, 2010

My Crafty Weekend - Girly Edition

My Crafty Weekend - Girly Edition

Welcome to this weeks' edition of My Crafty Weekend! This week, has been dubbed as the Girly Edition. Largely in part due to my mom's birthday dinner and a fancy Nancy inspired parasol. Oh and shoes! Is there anything girlier than cute shoes?

Do you like the cake? It is a New York style cheesecake I came up with a little over a year ago. This one in particular has a baked banana topping. When it was sliced we drizzled a strawberry reduction and butterscotch sauce made by The Mister. It was so good, I'll be sharing the recipe later this week.

The giftbag was made with two of Wednesday's paintings. regrettably the gift inside was not handmade (Bought Mama some 'real' Crocs.) There is always Mother's Day though right?

The shoes are a work in progress, but as soon as I have ten minutes to call my own they will be done and a super quick tutorial will be posted. I will tell you though, by removing the ribbon trim they became some super comfy shoes! I already wear them everywhere, I cannot wait o dress them up.

Lastly, some of you have already seen the fancy Nancy parasol. I posted the tutorial last night but it was disguised as a story book review! I'll be linking it up below, it is so easy and so awesome you simply must make one for a special girl in your life!

Okay, onto last weeks links. Can I just say thank you ladies! Last week there were twenty one links! And only two of those were mine! And although I wish I could show you all of them up close, I haven't the time or the space. But the following were in such green spirit, I simply had to share them.

Photo is property of Two Chicks and a Hen

The first is a mesh bath toy bag made from collected produce bags. How clever is that? Jamie from Two Chicks and a Hen posted this tutorial and I love it. I also love her blog, she is a Californian-homeschooling mom transplanted to Montreal, Quebec (One of my favourite cities in Canada.)"An urban mother hen's journey to provide a simple, sustainable, creative life for her two chicks." You should check out her journey.

Image is property Adventures in Dressmaking

Isn't this dress gorgeous? Can you believe it came from a pair of clown pillazo style pants? Seriously! Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking has both serious vision and serious talent. I mean look at how that dress fits! This is one of my new favourite blogs to follow. Fun to read and great projects to ohh and ahh at. If you haven't already jumped on their bandwagon, it.

Image property of Let's Go Fly A Kite

KJ from Let's Go Fly A Kite submitted one of the most frugal re-uses I have seen in a while, and certainly the cleverest (wow that is a word) are these cookie cutters re-purposed from the cutter strip on aluminum foil boxes. In the post her friend V (The Baking Barrister)teaches us how to turn that unfriendly little cutting strip into a cookie cutter of any shape that our little hearts desire. I love it! And I cannot wait to do this! I rarely bake cookies, and I have a giant tin if cutters, but this...this is special! Heads up Canadian mamas, KJ is a blogging mama from Toronto who is incredibly talented. Why don't you go fly a kite?

Thank you so much to everyone who participated last week! I cannot wait to visit your blogs and see what wonderful things you have baked/sewn/glued and everything in between!



KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, that is so kind. I am fairly new to this and always looking to find Crafty Canadian Mommas and so glad to find you. I haven't been able to stop thinking about your lace tea bags!

The Sewing Dork said...

I like your comment about the "clown" pants. I used to have a pair back in the 80s and they were hideous!