Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How To : Mod Podge Egg Garland

Easter egg garland

This was a labour of love but it was worth it and I am excited to have a new tutorial for you.

A few notes before beginning:

  • To Modge Podge the fabric to the eggs took me about 3 hours from beginning to end and I did sixteen eggs. The flowers were easy peazy and the threading took only minutes as well.
  • The Modge Podging makes the eggs strong enough to be collected by little ones on Easter but pretty enough to collect in a bowl or thread on a garland. If I hadn't already sewn up two dozen fabric eggs this is what I would have done for her to collect.
  • I did notice after all was said and done that the darker/brighter the fabric the better it looked when dried. I did up four to begin with and almost didn't finish because I wasn't sure if I liked them with the paler fabrics. As soon as I added the bright yellow and purple though I loved them.
  • Also, you want to talk frugal? These scraps are the size of quarters and the eggs came from a couple weeks of baking.
  • I wasn't sure if you would want to make the same flowers I made, but just in case I made a quick video tute because pictures would have taken too long to show you what a video does in 1:30s. Also, don't laugh when you see me burn myself.

    Blown out eggs (If you have never done this before, you can find out here.)
    Lots of super small fabric scraps
    Mod Podge
    Foam brush
    Bigger scraps of fabric for the flowers (1 flower = 3 layers + leaves)
    Big (Really big) needle

    Construction Instructions:

    Egg PoloroidScraps Poloroid

    Modge Podge PoloroidModge Podge 2 Poloroid

    Modge Podge 3 PoloroidBowl o' Eggs Poloroid

    Needle & Thread PoloroidNeedle in Egg Poloroid

    Rubber Glove Help Poloroid

    Affixing PoloroidFlower PoloroidGarland Poloroid

    Happy crafting!

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    The Sewing Dork said...

    Those are so pretty. I have lots of little scraps to use up - going to make some now.

    Donna said...

    Melissa--these are darling! Oh..I can't wait to get home and try them!

    Bridget said...

    What a great idea! I have a million scraps just begging to be glued to eggs.

    Unknown said...

    SO cool! I love this and posted it in the Mod Podge Rocks! Facebook group. xo

    Unknown said...

    i love the set up of your tutorial!
    the photos and quick directions in a compacted little package make this my favorite that i've seen on the blog how-tp world so far, for sure.