Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

So cute!

She is the sunshine of my love.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I just love this photo strip! It tells a story!

Anonymous said...

Hello Melissa .. I, too, have a beautiful daughter named WEDNESDAY! I've only heard of one other in all the years since my daughter was born .. HALLOWEEN ... October 31, 1970

i was a 'bit' of a 'hippie' in those days .. and was waiting for inspiration for a wonderfully 'different' name for my new daughter. Her older sister, (Kristen) suggested: WENDY, the GOOD LITTLE WITCH (from the Caspar the Friendly Ghost cartoon) ... i loved it .. but wanted a more 'formal' name .. and since her dad and i were both born on a WEDNESDAY .. she was our 'lucky day' .. and became WEDNESDAY. She never did want to be called WENDY .. soooo she has been WEDNESDAY since the day she was born. She is now grown and a mother of FOUR .. Lucas who is 8 .. and his three little sisters: Sofia (3) ... Iszabel (one and a half) and three month old Alessandra.

Your little Wedneaday is adorable. And i just know how much you love her. My daughters are my sun and moon .. and oh my! those dear grandchildren are my STARS.

You have a wonderful blogsite (a friend told me of it). Love your creativity .. that is my passion too.