Friday, September 25, 2009

Soothing, yes. Fun, definately.

I have not been posting any crafty bits lately because I had to take a break from sewing and crafting due to some neck pain. And by neck pain I mean almost debilitating headaches due to the strain I was putting on my shoulders and neck whilst sewing and crafting.

But after a much needed break (both physically and mentally) I have returned with a finished project and another in the works.

Today I bring you Lavender/Flax eye pillows made from instructions in Amanda Blake Soule's Handmade Home. Slowly but surely I will make all of the projects from this book!

Eye Pillows

These were simple and fun and really are immediately soothing. My mom is under the weather and I plopped a finished pillow on her eyes and she just kind of sat there sniffing away. Good stuff. I am sure I will be using one this evening after crafting in the near-dark. (Long story full of inadequate lighting.)

The blue floral material is a silk scarf I bought at a local thrift shop for just this purpose and it conveniently made exactly three scarves with no inches to spare. So I made one for my mom, one for my mother-in-law et moi aussi.

The inside sachet is made from a thrifted cotton remnant and the lavender I dried myself from a neighbor's garden back when I was living in Kelowna. It all came together so well. I have never used flax in it's whole seed form (for eating or crafting) but I can see why she recommends it. It i s a perfect weight (much lighter than rice) but still heavy enough to keep your eyes closed and yet there is a fluidity to it that makes it most comfortable.

Good stuff! If you haven't purchased the book I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did over and above the many books on my Chapters wishlist. Go now, buy, make, love.

Love my work too. Here are some photos four your viewing pleasure.

Eye Pillows (3)

Eye Pillows (2)


Anonymous said...

Lavender is one of those things that everyone around me grabs for soothing, but it gives me a headache :/ I think it's how strong it is.

Also, this layout is lovely!

Lisa said...

I LOVE lavender! These are lovely and your fabric choice is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm another lavender disliker...but your crafting is beautiful xx

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone! I am so happy how they turned out and used mine last night it it.was.wonderful.

Lavender is not my go to scent for relaxation, I like more invigorating scents like citrus and mint but I happened to have some lavender lying around (weird I know) so it worked nice. The instructions asked for chamomile to and that I had to scratch.