Sunday, August 16, 2009

For the Love of Snow Cones and County Fairs

Snow cones...

Good to the last drop...

Even if it is on our nose.

Yesterday we braved the heat (37 degrees Centigrade with the humidex) to venture to the 151st Stirling Agricultural Fair. The tractor pulls although very cool, were set up so that you had to do too much walking in the sun to get to where you needed to be whether it be to watch the pulls, ride the carousel or get back to your truck. Because of this we did not stay very long, I think maybe an hour and a half tops. We managed to squeeze in a small petting zoo, a look at real cows, a carousel ride (Wednesday's first) and a snow cone shared with Daddy. We did meet a woman with an Alpalca farm who sells the softest wool ever. I am on a mission to learn to knit this month so that I can justify driving out of town for her wool!

Sleepy chick

Ferris Wheel

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